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April 2011

Do you have any idea what you want your life to mean? Any idea what legacy your life will leave? Do you have any plan? Are you actually working any plan?

In short Do you know where you're going?


March 2011


The bigger a website gets the more time it takes to stay current. It's the old tale of running faster to stand still at times.

That's not good when it's time to move forward.

Postings to the archives have been thin on the ground because I've spent a great deal of time on personal development, concentrating on marketing skills, but probably more importantly on learning about myself and the nature of life.

Life's good. It's even better when you understand it a little more.

I am truly grateful I can do that, and that I've had the opportunity to do that.

This month there's a new article which reflects both some of my past and my looking out on the world. It's the story of a great unfairness which has yet to be resolved. I hope and pray that it can be resolved with dignity and humility.

The article is called:

Give a Damn.


September 2010

Well, the children are back at school, our summer visitors are all returned home, the last few roses in the garden are ready for dead-heading whilst the lawn grows a little slower. Most of all, we can see the nights are starting to draw in. Now, before someone tells you that there's only nineteen weeks 'til Christmas, I have to ask;

"Did you have a successful summer ?"


May 2010

Weight Loss and Body Building
Are you hoping for weight loss this summer? One of the issues I once faced was that my weight was just a little too much. I didn't feel unhealthy. I didn't feel fat..

Learned Helplessness - A tragedy
This article is about a real person and a real event. It's about the death of a beautiful and talented young life.


April 2010

Quick update...

So Easter is at the beginning of April this year and I'm having a slow start to the month on my article writing.

There's a significant effort going into a new book on the 'Missing Success Secrets' - out in May.

Also work is going into developing some linking strategy and redesign.

More work into new newsletters and templates.

I have a mountain of reading and product reviews.

..And finally, I need to give a major effort to two very important reviews requested by a pal who has helped me in the past. He's a pal because he was very honest with me, I shall be just the same with him!


March 2010

Of Poohsticks and Obstacles to Success on the River of Life.
Did Winnie the Pooh understand one of the greatest obstacles to success? Did he ponder the River of Life as we have the chance to?

From the Jackrabbit Factor... ... to Brett Harwood the Authentic Entrepreneur!
I came to know Brett Harwood through a synchronistic trail. You need to know that it was one of the most fortuitous days of my life.

Another Video? You Betcha!
Shortly after writing the Not Another Video article in these archives, I came across a strong argument in favour of using video. As the bishop said the actress "It's short! But worth a look!" ;-)

Oh No! Not Another Video!
Do you get that, 'Oh No! Not another video' feeling too frequently? Is there maybe a lesson in there?


February 2010

Life Purpose Question
'I have a Life Purpose Question that I've really struggled with' said Jerry

Emotion and Stress Giving You Problems? One of the greatest fallacies of humankind is that emotional responses are inevitable, unavoidable and unchangeable.

PSS Original Home Page

A Successful Entrepreneur? - The Infopreneur's Dilemma
"I want to be a successful entrepreneur" he said, but does he want help, or spoon-feeding?

Are you like Benjamin Zephaniah? Too busy to experience more success?

John Terry? Tiger Woods? Ah! How the mighty are fallen! Now watch your back...


January 2010

Will Josephine become a Successful Business Story?


October 2009

Choose to be Happy!


September 2009

Live a Life that Matters

A Life That Matters

My Eight Success Secrets (Part 1 of 3)

My Eight Success Secrets (Part 2 of 3)

My Eight Success Secrets (Part 3 of 3)

Successful Thinking for Wannabe Power Thinkers and Achievers

Leadership Success Secrets

The SBI Special



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