My Eight Success Secrets
(part 2 of 3)

hidden success secrets
What will you do with my eight success secrets?
...keep them hidden away?
never used? never seeing the light of day?
never practised?
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Do you need my eight success secrets? I mean, are you really going to accomplish the next thing you decide to do?

Now, I don't know what your "next thing" -- your next goal -- might be. It could be a business goal, or a family objective. It may be connected with inner growth, or with your physical health.

But whatever it is, whatever you promise yourself that you'll do, are you actually going to follow through? Will you keep on till you reach completion?

Whatever your next project turns out to be, I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty. If you usually quit before you finish, that next project of yours is already in jeopardy right now, today, before you ever even start it.

How do I know this?

Because the skills, personal traits and expectations that you brought to bear on earlier projects will be exactly the same resources you'll use on the next thing you tackle. And if your skills and resolve didn't get the previous job done, they'll almost certainly be inadequate for the next one.

upgrade your skills!
...this does NOT mean you should read another self-help book...
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Unless you actively do something to upgrade your skills and personal resources. NOTE - this does NOT mean you should read another self-help book. Yes, it's true such books are great for helping you see things in new ways.

They're more or less worthless, however, in helping you develop the grit, the spunk and the backbone you need to persist when the going gets hard. They'll open your mind in wonderful ways, but just reading won't make your mind tough.

What WILL make you tough minded is the practical, real-world experience of bearing down on a task and keeping on with it until you come out the other side, winner or not. Yes, you'll need the vision you can gain from good books, but then you've got to take it out into the field and put it to use.

Vision is priceless -- without it you can't succeed. But vision alone is not enough. Not nearly enough. The world is filled with visionaries who flail feebly away for years and never bring anything worthwhile to the world. In other words, ideas alone are a dime a dozen.

So what else does it take?

Here's my shortlist of abilities, skills and personal characterists that virtually all consistently successful people possess. I call it My Eight Success Secrets.



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