My Eight Success Secrets
(part 1 of 3)

Before you read "My Eight Success Secrets"... need to know something.

My eight success secrets.. ..hidden, mysterious?
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I didn't write it as one of those "think of a number" and add it to a "how to" or "solution to a problem" phrase to make a slick headline. You know, something like "How The Eight Steps Success System Changes Your Life!". Let's face it plenty of marketers will tell you how to work a headline!

No, in fact I didn't write it for that reason.

In fact, I didn't write it at all.

This is the story:

The quality of your life, what you achieve in life, how much success you experience in your life, depends on getting many factors right in your life. There are things like

  • thinking patterns,
  • thoughts and thought processes,
  • the amount of time contemplating your life,
  • the amount of time meditating so that life talks to you,
  • the principles that you enact in your life,
and so many, many, other things.

Not least amongst all these things are the values that you live by.

I was looking to introduce the idea of 'values' into the Practical Success Secrets site. Values are those characteristics and character standards that an individual considers important, beneficial and worthwhile enough to use on a regular basis.

The difficulty I faced is that different successful people have different sets of values.

It's what makes them.... well..., different!

So, it was really a case of asking whose values should I highlight?

If I highlighted my own set of values, well, it's a little arrogant, self-indulgent and frankly ...vain.

If I chose to make it "the 10 success secrets of Sam Walton" for example, or "the Napoleon Hill 13 success secrets" as another example, it presents another problem. It limits the type of success or the type of life that the reader imagines. Maybe the reader doesn't want to be like Sam Walton or like Napoleon Hill. Maybe they would prefer to experince a life like Michael Jordan or David Beckham. And off I would have to go to find their values and success secrets.

Oh! How easily we can pre-judge and rule out information based on an association with a person!

By good fortune, I'd been offered the following article on the basis that I could use it, but only without using the author's name. Be aware though, this person does have provable copyright to the article.

So listen.

  • I didn't write this article.
  • I can't tell you who did write it - I'm not allowed to.
  • I can tell you that I respect the person who wrote it and consider them a friend.
  • I can tell you that the person is successful.
  • I can tell you that I consider the person wise beyond their age.
  • I have a lot of time for this person.

So this is the anonymous article about values:

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