Success Resources

Over a long period I've collected a long list of success resources. It consists of contacts, emails, e-books, sound files and recordings, DVD and video files. They have come from literally thousands of sources.

Success Resources
...sound files and recordings, DVD and video files...
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I know which of those thousands of sources have been useful.

I know which of those sources consistently give me useful information, and which are hardly worth a second glance.

I know which ones I refer to frequently, and which ones I dip into occasionally and which ones I never touch.

Inevitably, I've bought some materials that are - how can I put it? - not quite what they were made out to be.

Not nice, but it happens sometimes - I work on the basis that such products have maybe resonated better with other customers.

I've also found that a great deal of useful information comes through incidental comments during conversations and emails. It's information that connects with your thoughts at the time, and is useful to you at the right time.

It's also information that may not be available anywhere else or that just wouldn't register with you as being relevant if it came by another route.

What I'm saying here, is that frequently, synchronicity comes into play.

You can read something or hear something, a hundred times, but unless you're in the frame of mind to receive it then it bypasses you.

What it means, is that in reality, out of all the products available around the world and through the internet, you are unlikely to to get a single product which gives you all the answers you seek.

Read that one again very carefully:

You are unlikely to to get a single product which gives you all the answers you seek.

Library of Success
...your own library of success resources...
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What you'll discover is that you build your own model of what success is for you, and you'll build your own library of success resources over time.

What I can offer here is a list of the resources that I have found useful, and, where appropriate, info on why I found it helpful. I cannot guarantee that it will help you, but I know that it might.

It will take some time to put all of my sources in this section, so please, keep checking back here every now and again!

Here's the list of success resources, (and if the links aren't live it means I'm still racing to get them live for you!):


Resources to help you be successful:

  • Time and Time Management
  • Health, Activity and Body

  • Intelligence and Knowledge
  • Motivation

  • Your Spiritual Development
  • Web Marketing
    (OK this ones an extra!)

  • Emotions and Relationships
  • Business Marketing and Success

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