The Success Process
Have you figured it out yet?

Did you know there's a success process?

Well, I'm not trying to insult you by assuming that you knew that.

It’s simply that some people just don't know that's all!

Then there are those who know there's a process for success but they don't know the detail.

After that, there are those who know there's a process to success and some even have some of the detail.

The only trouble is ..they don't put it into practice!

Maybe they don't know how, maybe they just don't want to.

It's hard to believe, but for some people it's just too much like hard work that isn't worth the effort!

So there are many different ways of outlining the process of success. And when you get right down to it there's no absolutely right way of doing it. But ..your own version is easily arrived at if you do a little reverse engineering.

Let me show you. Let's start at the end point.


What happens or comes before you're successful or before you experience success?

Got it?

Do something.

Before you're successful you have to DO SOMETHING.

What happens before you do something?

You have to CONSIDER WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO to make sure that it's the best thing to do!

What happens before you consider what you're going to do?

You have to THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU EXPECT from your actions. In fact what you're thinking about is the end result that you're ultimately after.

And before that?

Before that, you have to have the FRAME OF MIND or the MINDSET or the STATE OF MIND, (call it what you will,) that permits you to even think that you can have an effect on the changes that occur in your life. Like I said, there are those folk who don't get to that point.

So OK, that's reversed engineered the success process. Take a look and see what you got.

Start. A mindset or frame of mind that supports a belief that you can experience success.

Next. An idea of how you'll recognise success.

Then. A few ideas to get you from where you are now to that point of success.

After that. Start doing things to get you to that point of success.

And finally. You reach the point of recognising your success.

Maybe it's easier to remember like this.


Success is a very personal thing. We all have an idea of what it is, but it’s also slightly different for each and every one of us. So reverse engineering may have slightly different results for different people.

In practice it will come down to variations in the way people interpret the process and different levels of detail. For example a lot of people will want to put ‘goal-setting’ into the process, and yet for me, it’s in there, floating between ‘vision’ and the ‘plan’. Like I say it’s a matter of interpretation and detail.

Now, one more point before I finish this...

What would be the point of say, taking ‘action’ if there’d been no ‘planning’?

Do headless chickens spring to mind?

Or what would be the point of bypassing the ‘vision’ stage and going straight to the ‘planning’ stage?

What would you be planning if you didn’t have a clear idea of what was wanted or needed?

The point of this is that ALL of these things have to be in the success process and done IN THE RIGHT ORDER.

They don’t have to be done perfectly.

They don’t have to be done completely.

But they do have to be done SUFFICIENTLY.

If you’ve followed that idea, the rest is just detail. That’s what we’re going to add to the success process next.



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The Success Process

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