Depths of Success!
The Depths of Despair!

Understand the depths of success and you'll avoid the depths of despair.

Maybe you need a brief explanation of that statement.

A few weeks a go I wrote an article about the success process. In it I showed how achieving success can be reverse engineered to end up with a process to follow to achieve success in just about any area of your life.

The process I showed was this:


depths of success
Depths of Success
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Inevitably, in the feedback from readers there were some who agreed and some who disagreed. A common theme amongst the 'disagrees' was the comment that Stephen Covey uses a seven step process. The implication was that with five steps I must have it wrong.

So listen, I don't have any difficulty with seven steps in a success process. If you want me to pick a public fight with Stephen Covey you're going to be disappointed. At the same time, I'm not going to roll over and say, "Yeah. Okay. I got it wrong."

If I'd got it wrong, believe me I'd say I'd got it wrong. I don't have so big an ego that I need to be right. I really don't have a big attachment to my particular version of the success process.

When all is said and done, what you need is a success process that works for you. So look at it this way.

There are depths of success.

Explained a little more: There are depths of detail to understanding and communicating the success process.

Let me show you what I mean:

To achieve success follow Nike's world famous advertising slogan:

Just Do It!

That's a simple one step success process.

Is it right? Is it wrong? Hey, who's to say? What is important is whether it gives sufficient detail to be useful to you, right?

For those that don't see this as sufficient detail, let's move on to a two step process. This one comes from Indian beauty queen Sushmita Sen, winner of the 1994 Miss.Universe pageant, who said:

Know What You Want - And Get It

I'm indebted to my friend Dr Mani for the reference. There are other two step success processes, I just like Dr. Mani's comment on this one, "Wise words. Puts a lie to the aphorisms about beauty and brains."

Just a little observation here..

Did you notice how "Just Do It" is action based? That's worth thinking about - there's no success without action.

Did you notice how "Know What You Want - And Get It" has both mental activity and action? That's adding more detail, or depths of success to the process.

You can keep on adding more depth. That way you end up with three, four, five, seven or even sixty-three steps.

None of them may be wrong or even totally right.

But then adding depths of success, adding detail to your own particular success process - whether it's adding mental activity, action or something else will add to your understanding and ability to achieve your own success in life.

For me, the five step process


allows each step to be broken down further.

How do we get more detail or depth of success in the Mindset section?

We investigate, we search, we uncover, we improve our understanding, we improve our ability to create a success mindset.

That may mean discovering what a mindset is, discovering what contributes to a mindset, discovering which parts we have control over, discovering which parts we can change, discovering the effects of those changes, judging which changes serve our purpose and which don't. It means experimenting with our own mind as a means of discovery and (at least temporarily) abandoning the idea that we already know our own mind and what we think and feel. It means going into depth on our intellect, our emotions, our spiritual nature, our beliefs and our values as a voyage of discovery.

Now consider how we get more detail or depth of success in the Vision section?

..and what about the other sections?

Each time we add detail to each section we are clarifying for ourselves what has to be done for our own particular success. We are making the process personal, and most of all something meaningful for ourselves.

Discovering the depths of success helps us to avoid the depths of despair.



Depths of Success!
Depths of Despair!

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