About Practical Success Secrets

About Practical Success Secrets

You'll often find that people trying to encourage your 'success' will relate their own rags to riches story. You know, how they used to live in a cardboard box, and once a week shared their one meal of a mouldy biscuit with ten other people.

And then Abracadabra!

They suddenly found the key to successful living, and now they have a twenty-bedroom mansion, three brand new cars, money in the bank and no need to work whatsoever.

Oh!.. And by the way, you can do the same if only you'll buy this course or join that membership site.

They're great stories. And, I can admire people who have achieved great things - especially from humble beginnings...

But... I also want the Practical Success Secrets website to be useful and relevant to people's needs. For example, I think it better to provide information on how to manage debt, income and spending and how to create longer-term strategies for creating wealth than to persuade you that some one size fits all product will be the answer to all your financial dreams.

Success isn't all about money either. This site takes a view that includes elements of success such as health, emotional well-being and developing your own spirit along with the more popularly accepted success criteria.

In short, here's what to expect in the Practical Success Secrets site.

  • Lots of information
  • Lots of choices
  • Lots to think about
  • Useful tools, products and resources - some are free, some have to be paid for.
  • Success examples - case studies if you like
  • Alternative viewpoints
  • Motivational and support prompts

Its stuff to challenge you and your thinking, because it's facing those challenges that makes you grow, change and become successful.

A Bit About Me

Well I'll keep this short as I don't like being self-indulgent, and it's so hard to stop once you've started - Well it is for me!.

I'm a young fifty-something who's been around the block a few times. I have a background in the oil, banking and insurance industries going from the shop floor to board/president level. (In case you're wondering, people there struggle with success issues too). I spent a short time in training, consultancy and teaching at university before effectively 'retiring' in my mid forties.

I am married to a wonderful wife, have two daughters, and their families, to make me proud, including four grandchildren who come to play when I'm allowed out. (Normally its OK if I've been a good boy and done my chores).

I have a Masters in Business and IT, although I've never used it in anger (!), I tend to think that common sense, patience, observation and decisive action are far more useful when you're under fire in the field. I became fascinated by the 'net' in 1994, and have gone on to start two human resource development sites (now run by others), and have run two other more sales oriented online commercial ventures.

I want to live forever, but if that option's not available then I want to go knowing that it was fun, that I made a difference and that I helped others too.

Yeah! Money's nice - but people are nicer!

Now, some web stuff.

This isn't my first or only website - but it is the first one I've created with SBI. I just wish that I'd known about it when I first started, because I could have saved myself a whole lot of time and money and shortened my learning curve by years. If you're thinking about building your own successful site, my web building story here may help.

I hope you enjoy the Practical Success Secrets site!



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