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Start your Self-Help and Self-Improvement with a silent friend!

Success articles have an important role to play in developing your own self-improvement and success. You see, in following your own path, in seeking your own life of achievement, you will need encouragement. You will need motivation. You will need information. You will need guidance. You will need re-assurance. You will need praise and acknowledgement. You will need support.

It's quite possible that you have a loving spouse or partner, a close friend, a close family member or relative who may be able to give you all those things. Someone who is always there, on tap. It's quite possible that there is a group of people who provide all of this for you. If that's the case, that's great, appreciate them, and be grateful for them.

articles...your silent friends
articles...your silent friends
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If you don't have those people there for you, you will need to find all of that support somewhere else, some form of self-help. That's where success articles will come into play.

Success articles will give you the encouragement, motivation, information, guidance, re-assurance, praise, acknowledgement and support. To have a healthy mind, a positive mind, an achievement mind, you need to nourish it with the right material. Reading these materials will help do that. Success articles will help do that!

What follows is a listing of essays, reports and stories in no particular given order. At some stage I will get some semblance of order to them with search facilities and classifications and all that stuff, but meanwhile, please feel free to scroll through and enjoy.



Easy Success? Or Hard slog? Or.. Maybe Dodgy advice?

Taking the easy way often means that we buy into someone else’s idea of what success is and how we should achieve it.

Empowering Perspective: It can decide your future!

Do you have an empowering perspective? Does the way you look at life, the world and the universe help you? Or do you shoot yourself in the foot?

Can the 50 Life Success Secrets of an Anonymous Thinker help you too?

This little life success secrets gem was found during my forum wanderings. It is far too good to be forgotten.

Highly successful people use a secret that other people don't

There is something highly successful people use that others don't. It comes down to something that is contained in just about every self-help book and every success course.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs ...or Students ...or Moms ...or Anyone

This 'Characteristics of Successful' .. entrepreneurs or ..students page, came about after the synchronistic delivery of some emails. Fate has a habit of giving the right material at the right time.

Have you been brainwashed?
Is that why success eludes you?

So answer the question honestly. Have you been brainwashed? How can you be sure? This one will get you thinking!

Winners Success Secrets

Discover the first of the 'Winners Success Secrets'. It's tricky, because it's such an insidious little secret that many 'winners' don't even know it themselves - even though they use it every day!

Authentic Success

In this success article, 'authentic success' is illustrated by Olympian Sir Chris Hoy who shows how to achieve success.

The Key to Master Success

Here's the key to master success: Understand the difference between being successful at something and having the trappings of success. If you don't get it, then success will elude you!

How Do You Define Success?

If you want to define success as it applies to you, you should be aware that we are daily bombarded by a culture that has it's own ideas of how to recognise success.

Practical Success Secrets
It's about you being able to enjoy life more!

If you like success secrets, there are two of them on this page. Some people just will not be able to see them though.

How do I become successful?

What too few people really understand when they ask 'How do I become successful?'

10 Principles of Success

In a sound-bite world, it can be handy to have a quick checklist for achieving success. Try these 10 Principles of Success as a quick reference.

Calculate your Lifespan

How to calculate your lifespan, how many days do you have left for those important jobs in your life?

Free Information About Success

Very occasionally, free information about success contains that something which takes you on a complete new train of thought...

Improve Focus On Abundance ... Tasks ... Just About Anything!

Having difficulty focussing? Improve focus on abundance, tasks... in fact, just about anything by using some preparation

What is the Purpose of Life?

If you want to know 'What is the purpose of life?', then ask yourself what resources life gives you. Think carefully, don't short change yourself with your answer!

Thought You Might Be Interested... ...In Happiness And Success!

It's just a thought you might be interested in; how you can become a happier and more successful person. It's easy, but takes work!

Your Key Success Factor

There are many contributory factors to a successful life, but this is the key success factor seen in every single success whether intentional or not.

Calculate Lifespan: The Time of Your Life

How to calculate lifespan, how many days you have left for those important jobs in your life? How long might you live?
One of the more popular success articles!



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