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Happy Thoughts
...happy thoughts...

Here's a thought you might be interested in.

Some people are happy with their lives,
other people are unhappy with their lives.
Do you want to know the difference between them?
Happy people think happy thoughts.
Unhappy people think unhappy thoughts.

I know, I know, it's a bit like stating the obvious, right?

But expand that thought.....

If you're unhappy and you want to be happy, what should you do? Yeah, that's right.

Think happy thoughts.

Now expand that further.....

If you can create happiness in your life by thinking happy thoughts, what else can you create?

Well, the list of possible answers is of course, HUGE!

Behind all this, there is an underlying principle. It's what I really thought you might be interested in. ;)

What you experience in life is what you think about.

Or, to put it another way;

What you think about is what you experience.

Here's a clever bit about that idea:

YOU are the person who controls your thinking.
It's not your wife or husband, it's not your parents or children, it's not your boss at work, it's not your next door neighbour.

YOU control what you think. YOU decide what you think.

Now Okay. Maybe the idea is new to you. Maybe you have spent your entire life until now thinking that thoughts come and thoughts go and you have no control over which ones stay in your mind.

Well now you know differently.

It may take practice, but I thought you might be interested in monitoring your own thoughts. (After all, creating a happy life is a great resulting benefit!)

Meditate on it.

When you notice a thought, consider it. Contemplate it. Meditate on it. If thoughts create your reality, will this thought you're considering become a reality that you want, or one that you don't want?

If it's a reality that you want - enjoy the thought. (In fact, find some more like it!)

If it's a reality that you don't want - change the thought. See it from a different point of view. Or even think about something completely different.

What are the good thoughts to have?

Well, the reality is that only you can decide what makes a good thought. If I decide what makes a good thought for me, that's great - for me! It doesn't mean that you would agree that my thoughts are what you would consider good thoughts.

That said, I thought you might be interested in a general idea of what most humans consider good thoughts. The reason why, is that if it works for a large part of the rest of the population of this planet, it may work for you too.

If you want to have good thoughts consider:

  • Gratitude

    • what are you grateful for in your life?
    • who are you grateful to?
    • why are you grateful to them?
    • what experiences are you grateful for?
    • what experiences would you like to have that you would feel grateful for?
    • how would you express your gratitude?
    • how could you express your gratitude for those things that you already enjoy?
    • when bad things manifest in your life what can you be grateful for?

  • Admiration

    • who do you admire in life?
    • why do you admire them?
    • what do those people do that you admire?
    • what are the qualities that they exhibit that you admire?
    • how can you change yourself so that you would become more like the person that you admire?
    • how do you express your admiration?
    • who do you express it to?

  • Cheerfulness

    • what makes you cheerful?
    • why does it make you cheerful?
    • what does it tell you about the person that you are?
    • what would make you even more cheerful?
    • how do you express your cheerfulness?
    • do you allow others to see your cheerfulness?
    • how much better would life be if others saw you as a cheerful person?

  • Contentment

    • when do you feel content?
    • what are the circumstances that make you feel content?
    • how can you move closer to those circumstances?
    • who could help you move closer to those circumstances?
    • who can you help move closer to their own idea of contentment?
    • how would it make you feel to be admired for helping others?
Hey! Just thought you might be interested! Try it! IT WORKS!



"Thought You Might Be Interested...In Happiness And Success!"

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