Life is meant to be fun, enjoyable and fulfilling...

Laughing! always helps ...
Photo Courtesy of greenkozi's photostream at Flickr

We all need it at times, don't we?

Whilst you're chasing success, and whilst your following plans, and whilst your concentrating on reaching those goals...

Remember that we do ALL of that because we want the good feelings that success brings.

Laughing is one of the best ways to get those good feelings at any time. Learn to laugh, and laugh often!

So what I'm doing in this section is to put together a number of materials that cross my screen every now and again. They are meant to be fun and enjoyable, and not intended to hurt or harm anyone. Please take them in that spirit.



The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs

Clean Underwear

Unexpected Passenger

Love is . . .

Who's in control?

The Story Of The Bacon Tree

The Story Of The Two Frogs

Celibacy  ..not always the expected choice!

The 2.99 Seniors' Special

Summary of Life

Practical Guidance for Singing



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