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The Recipe For A Happy Life

Success Information.

Happy Life Recipe
Recipe for a Happy Life
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You'd think it would be part of any recipe for a happy life wouldn't you? There's a lot of people who'd agree!

There's also plenty of people who'd disagree or wouldn't even consider it. Even if they do consider it they may not live their lives using that information.

Guess what happens to them.

Yup! They wonder where life went wrong!

So listen. This section of the site isn't compulsory. You don't have to accept what's written here. But you could consider the ideas here; see if they add anything to your life.

Okay, there are three brief points to make. They're about you and this section:

  1. There's no magic wand for success information.
    Everybody looks for an instant solution to their problem. As far as personal achievement is concerned there's a whole industry out there built on supplying you with that instant solution, that little gem of info, (that one book, that one course, that one recording...) which will magically transform your life. Your welcome to search for it. But you're more likely to find success if you consider that we learn little bits of information continuously and integrate it into what we already understand.

  2. Two-pronged Approach
    The people who move on in life are those who are continuously learning. If you want to be one of those people commit yourself to two actions:
    • Work to increase the quantity and quality of information you take in
    • Work at thinking, at combining the information that you come across so that it makes the most sense to you

  3. Believe it or not!
    Open Your Mind
    Open Your Mind
    photo courtesy of Lady Eva at Flickr
    You can have information from the most successful person in the world, but if you don't believe it, then it's useless. Information, knowledge, wisdom is only usable if you believe it. You live your life according to what you believe. Be aware that you're not just gaining information; you're forming new belief systems.

I'm presenting some of the very basics of life and successful living here, stuff that we all too easily take for granted. You may already know this, maybe not; you might however see it in a different light that totally changes your life.

There's nothing here presented as fact or truth that's upto you to decide - hey it's your life! The only thing I would suggest is that you think about the topics here. The only relevant success information is that which is believable to you, and it's you that has to decide what to believe.

The core success information articles - your success foundation - follow. First of all though:

Do you want to be REALLY successful?

Article: Do you want to be REALLY successful?

Do you want to be really successful? Do you need to be really successful? Have you got what it takes? Can you bear the responsibility?

The Way of Success

Article: The Way of Success - Part 1

Article: The Way of Success - Part 2

A two-part article for those seriously seeking the root of success. Learn who you can trust for creating your success roadmap.
Some useful success information here!

Are you a success seeker?

Article: Success Seekers

There are times in life when we experience dissatisfaction - times when we're not happy. There are incidents and events in life that don't please us. There are things in life that we expect to go one way, and they end up going another way.

The way you deal with that determines whether you're capable of success!

1. Why you should consider "Time"

Article: The Time of Your Life

We all know time management is important, but successful people live with a greater sense of urgency that helps them achieve more. Here’s what the time of your life means to them

2. Why "Change" is so important

Article: We Are Change

At the very core of our life experience we are change. Change is what we experience. Discover how change relates to success.

3. What you believe!

Article: What do we need to believe to be successful?

What do we need to believe to be successful? Hey, here's the answer that they're all talking about. It's common sense, just that no-one said before!

4. Your Physical Existence

Article: Success Mechanisms: Physical Change

Your success is helped by having the right body and managing its correct physical change

5. Your Rational-Mind Existence

Article: Success Intelligence and Intellect

Your success intelligence and intellect are innate qualities that can be grown. Make life easier for yourself by learning how.

6. Your Emotional Existence

Article: Emotions and Success

Do emotions and success have anything to do with people? Ask this: Will your success have anything to do with how other people feel?

7. Your Spiritual Existence

Article: What is Spirituality? How does it figure in success?

We struggle with a connection between success and spirituality. Throw 'God' and 'religion' into the mix and people... ...well, they just turn off!

Yet..., ...they miss a major contribution to success!

8. Where do I start?

Article: How do I achieve success?

This article begins at the frequently overlooked beginning of the success process... by going to the end... confused?



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