Way of Success - Part 2

The Way of Success - Figure it out for yourself!

This is a continuation from Way of Success - Part 1

Okay, now let's get straight to the point.

You’re in one place and you want to be in another place.

You’re where you’re at now and you want to be in a place of success.

It means making a transition, or a journey. You want to go from where you are to where you want to be – at least metaphorically.

The trick is to figure a system which is deep enough to have sufficient helpful detail, but simple enough so as not to be impossibly cumbersome.

Nike’s marketing phrase of “Just Do It” is a simple way of success, and a perfectly true one at that, but it doesn’t have sufficient detail to be helpful for a lot of people. To get some detail in your 'way of success' you need to appreciate at least some of the basics of life.

There are only four things that people consciously do throughout the whole of their life:

  1. They perform physical activities
  2. They actively think
  3. They “feel” (or have emotional experiences)
  4. They have “spiritual” experiences

And that’s it!

Life’s pretty uncomplicated looked at that way ain’t it?

What does complicate it, is that life as we know it, is limited by time.

No-one lives forever – at least in this plane of existence!

What it means for the individual, is that those four activities are also time bound.

In other words, the time you consciously spend on physical activities, actively thinking, feeling and spiritual experiences, is limited.

Sure, you can overdo the time you spend on each one of them; but sooner or later each of those things stops for a while. It’s probably important for me to point out that those activities can carry on sub-consciously. (I'm discussing how you consciously spend your time.)

Let’s get back to the original point though, we can have an in-depth conversation about the nature of human existence another time. ;-)

If you want to get from where you are now to some point where you consider yourself a success, then you need to consider the process that will get you there.

  • You will need to think about where in that process you will perform physical activities and what they could be.

  • You will need to think about where in that process you will actively think and what you could be thinking about.

  • You will need to think about where in that process you will use your feelings and emotional experiences and what they could do.

  • Finally, you will need to think about where in that process you will call upon your spiritual experiences and how they can help.

Now, bearing in mind what I said earlier about someone else telling you the way to success and applying due diligence. I thought it might be useful to have a bit more of the next layer of detail to help you figure this out. So here’s my take on the way of success.

  1. Think about where you are now and where you want to be.

  2. Create a ‘vision’ of your successful future position

  3. As well as the mental pictures, put in the ‘feelings’ you would have if you had already reached your success. This is important because it’s the act of anticipating those emotions that pulls you toward your desired result. It’s the real motivation factor.

  4. Think and decide what actions you will need to take. You’ll see a lot of people calling this making a plan.

  5. If you really want to do it properly, you will also think about those things that could stop you reaching your successful position. How will you handle those barriers? What will you need to do differently? Learn? Practice? How will you keep your confidence high and your fears low? What support will you need to get? What dragging factors do you need to get rid of? What new outlook on life do you need to develop?

  6. There comes a time when you tone down the thinking and the feeling and you get on with the doing. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve covered things properly in your planning. But... It’s worth remembering that you need to have some 'personal' qualities to keep applying yourself to the task in hand... to the ‘doing’! Things like determination, commitment, focus and others too – spend sometime thinking about those, and how you will develop them.

  7. Even with the best planning, sometimes things just don’t turn out the way that we expect. If that happens as you seek your success, what are you going to do? Give up? Or start again with a modified plan or maybe even a completely new plan?

  8. Finally... you will reach that successful point.
    One thing’s as sure as eggs is eggs, if you don’t give up trying, then at some stage you’ll reach that successful point.

("You too Glasshopper will know the way of success!") ;-)

Now let me reiterate, this ain’t a definitive list. You can take detail out, or you can use it as the basis of making a more detailed model of success of your own.

It’s just one way to develop your own ‘Way of Success’!



The Way of Success - Part 2

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