Are "Practical" Success Secrets
Still Eluding You?

Those Success Secrets not making sense?
Not giving the results that you want?

There is still something that you can do..

Are there really success secrets?

Well, it's sometimes better to take a simple view: There's information that you know about success, and, there's information that you don't know.

Maybe it's the information that you don't know that's holding you back!

I was once in that situation where life seemed to be continuously going wrong. And Oh Boy! could I tell you about that! But what's relevant is..

the nice house the nice carthe nice clothesthe holidays in the sun
...the nice house, the nice car, the nice clothes and the holidays in the sun...
Photos Courtesy of Flickr Photostreams for:
balthasar.trebuchet mjmalone clminc. Zoltan Papp.
All that I longed for was
for things to start going right!

Maybe you're the same?

Maybe you'd like to have the nice house, the nice car, the nice clothes and the holidays in the sun.

Maybe you'd like to have friends who appreciate you and admire you, (and maybe even a romantic interest).

Most of all, you just want an enjoyable life without the financial worries and endless misery-causing routine.

Well, there's good news!

You can do something about it!

If you're one of those people who has dreamt of a more successful life but reluctantly find yourself in mediocrity

- there are things you can do!

If you're one of those people who keeps trying to be successful, but it just hasn't happened yet

- there are things that you can do!

Want to know what you can do?

Listen up!

Life is your experience of change.

You experience change every day. In fact, you experience it every moment of every day. If success hasn't happened for you it's because the changes that you've experienced haven't been the right ones.

And yet...

      . . . Change can be managed!

Change has a cause and an effect.

Start change with a different cause...

                ...and you get a different effect!

Now, here's the fun bit:

Your thinking and your actions cause the majority of changes in your life.

Read that again, just to be sure you got it.

Your thinking and your actions cause
the majority of
changes in your life.

What it means, is that you can...

Change your thinking and change your actions..

..and you'll get different results.


  • If you've been waiting for that lottery win
  • If you've been waiting for that job to suddenly appear from nowhere
  • If you've been waiting for those sales to start fetching in the income
  • If you've been waiting for your perfect partner to suddenly show up
  • If you've been waiting for a magic pill to make you slimmer overnight
Then I gotta tell ya..!

It could happen.. ..but it's statistically really, really, unlikely!

Success for most people doesn't come from a sudden Abracadabra! moment when all of a sudden, in a flash, everything is alright.

No! For most people, success comes from little bits of learning 'what' works for them and then making it work!

Now, if you want to make life better, if you want to know more of the basics, and more success secrets, and how to apply them in your life, if you want to start that 'little bit of learning', if you want to learn the laws and the principles of success that you can use to make life a better experience for you! Then you need to start gathering that information as soon as possible.

There's lots of it on this site.

There's even more of it that is only released through my newsletter 'Success Alert'.

It also tells you regularly about new information and research that I have added to the Practical Success Secrets site. There's even an added bonus I'll send you, my new 'Success Secrets Basics' report to be released in July/August 2010. (I'll also throw in my 'Bits' report that tells you more about the bits of your life that you can change).

If you'd like to have access to all that life-changing material.
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And now onwards to even more success secrets...

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