Success Seekers

The Success Seekers

The people who seek success are those who just aren't happy with life as it is now.

Yeah, I know, there are times in life when most of us experience dissatisfaction - times when we're not happy. There are always incidents and events in life that don't please us. There are always things in life that we expect to go one way, and they end up going another way.

That happens to everyone.

But a bit deeper than that level, sometimes we just experience that we aren't happy with life. We feel a certain level of discomfort. We feel that the life that we're actually experiencing isn't the life that we were meant to be having. It’s not wishing for something else, or for a different life, it’s more a ‘knowing’ that somehow, someway, life should be different.

There are two ways of dealing with that discomfort, that dissatisfaction, that unhappiness.

let everyone know you’re not happy
Let everyone know that you’re not happy!
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The first is to let everyone know that you’re not happy. Tell them of your dissatisfaction and discomfort. Tell them you’re feeling somehow, sort of, well, wrong!

The theory is that if you tell your story often enough, to a sufficient number of people, that someone, somewhere, will jump up and say, “Enough of this! This person is in need of a different life! Let’s do something about it for them!”

The people who follow this way of coping with the dissatisfaction and the discomfort live their lives repeating their story of how life isn’t right for them. They tell everyone that they can, stranger and friend alike, how their life isn’t working the way that it should be.

It’s not their fault. It’s just that life took a wrong turn at some point, and put them on this particular path. They need help getting onto the right path again. By help, they mean that they need complete roadside rescue. They want someone to try to fix their life, even though they know that their life - as it is at the moment, cannot be fixed. They can even prove that it cannot be fixed. If you let them have the chance to explain.

No. They’re well aware that they need complete rescue. They need someone to come along, pick them up, and return them to the safe destination of their choice.

It’s their only way!

The second way is the way that the real success seekers take.

  • Find out what it is that you’re uncomfortable with
  • Find out what it is that is making you dissatisfied and unhappy

That’s the starting point.

If you know what it is that you don’t want, you can look in the opposite direction. Look in the direction of what you do want. Keep looking hard enough; intensely enough, and you’re going to discover what it is in life that would make you feel satisfied, comfortable and happy.

Just looking isn’t enough though. These people know that for life to be different for them, they need to start moving from their position of discomfort and dissatisfaction to the position or circumstance or situation where they would feel comfortable, satisfied and happy.

These success seekers do something to change their situation.
These people attempt new ways of doing things, of living life.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

When it works, they’ve already moved closer to what it is in life that helps them feel satisfied, comfortable and happy.

When it doesn’t work, they look at why it didn’t work. They look to discover what they left out of the equation. What they left out of the plan. What they left out of the roadmap. They look to see where they were over optimistic. Where they underestimated.

And then they try again!

No one else can do the moving for them.

They must do it themselves.

They may seek help along the way, but they don’t become reliant on it. It’s no-one else’s path but their own. They don’t wait for the knight on the white charger to rescue them. They don’t wait for roadside assistance. They don’t waste their time trying to tell everyone about their unfortunate life. They just quietly get on with changing the direction of their life.

Are you one of the success seekers?



Success Seekers

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