Do you want to be REALLY successful?

Can you carry the responsibility?

Would you REALLY like to be REALLY successful?

If you answer "Yes" it tends to imply that you don't think you're really successful yet. It begs the further question "What is it that's got to change for you to be successful?"

There is only one answer; the circumstances and conditions of your life.

If the circumstances and conditions of your life have got to change, you have to ask, "how is that going to happen?"

Here's where you hit a choice. You can either;

  1. Wait for it to happen by chance, co-incidence, luck or accident. Or

  2. You can have some one, some people or some organisation take action to bring those things into your life.

If you choose the first option then you don't really need to go further. Just sit tight and wait for things to happen!

If you've decided that somebody has to take action, well you have to decide who would do that for you? Importantly you have to decide who is most likely to take that responsibility seriously.

  • Maybe you'll decide that you can trust the national or state lottery organiser to change those circumstances and conditions in your life. It wouldn't be my first choice, but hey, maybe it's yours.

  • Maybe you'll decide that your long lost Great Aunt Mathilda will definitely take that responsibility seriously and leave you something in her will. Is that likely? Would you rely on that as your first choice?

  • Maybe you'll decide that "you" are the person most likely to take responsibility for your life seriously. It has the advantage of probably having the greatest chance of a successful result.

What would you have to be responsible for?

  • You'd have to decide what being REALLY successful would look like for you. It'd be your responsibility to be clear on that.

  • You'd have to decide how you're going to get to that point. It would be very responsible of you to devise a plan of how you're going to reach that success circumstance. After all, it'd be your responsibility to actually get to that situation of success.

  • You'd have to decide what resources, what skills, talents and abilities you'd need to help you along the way. After all, without them you won't reach that successful situation.

  • If you don't have any of those resources, skills, talents and abilities then you'll need to take responsibility for getting them. After all, they're essential if you're to become really successful.

  • Having those qualities is one thing, but actually moving your butt, getting off your couch and working your plan isn't down to anyone else but you. That too is your responsibility.

  • Of course, if you're serious about being really successful, it would be much more effective if you could accept that life seldom goes according to plan ALL of the time. You will need to take responsibility for handling that. Some things will go wrong and some things won't work. Your responsibility will be to learn from those things without putting blame elsewhere. They are all things that make you stronger.

  • And when you hit those setbacks, those failed experiments, those royal Snafus, then you'll need to have the personal qualities that see you through. You'll need things like self-motivation, confidence, persistence, integrity and determination. Getting or developing those qualities? Well that is all a part of your responsibility too.

  • Getting up when you've been knocked down and then keeping on going for that success, keeping on until you reach it, that is your responsibility.

Finally, if you can follow all of that through, then yes, you'll be successful, maybe REALLY successful.

You can take responsibility for that too!



Do you want to be REALLY Successful?

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