We Are Change

"We are change".

What's all that about then?

Well listen up! There's four important points to consider here.

Important Point #1
You cannot experience life without experiencing change - expect it!

you cannot experience life without experiencing change
...you cannot experience life without experiencing change...
picture courtesy of Lin Pernille at Flickr

Throughout your life - from birth to death - things change.
- You change.
- People around you change.
- The world around you changes.

In fact, change is at the very core of your experience of life.

Without change you cannot exist.

  • You breathe in - you breathe out,
  • you eat - you defecate,
  • you sleep - you awaken,
  • you close your eyes you open your eyes.
  • the trees sway in the wind to the left and then they sway to the right.
  • the cars drive into town in the morning and drive out of town in the evening.
  • the sun rises and the sun sets.
Life is your experience of change going on in and around you.

Important Point #2
Some change is predictable - predict it!

All life commences at some point. Typically, life commencement is followed by growth, then maturation, then decline and then life's end.

It's not always like that. There are exceptions, (there's always exceptions), but what I ask you to consider is that our experience of life - of change - frequently follows a predictable cycle.

Winter follows fall, follows summer, follows spring.

Rain follows sunshine. Wind follows calm. Hot follows cold.
Peace follows conflict.
Republican follows democrat
Boom follows bust
Happiness follows misery

If you want more examples try thinking some up - we are change and we need to move on!

Important Point #3
You can expect the changes you want if you take the right actions - experiment with the right actions!

picture courtesy of KaiChanVong at Flickr

If your hand is wet and you want to change it to dry, what are you going to do?

If you have a headache and you want it to go, what are you going to do?

If your car is dirty and you want it clean what are you going to do?

You see, if you are experiencing one state or condition and you desire a different state or condition then all you have to do is take action - the right action - to get the state or condition that you want.

Actions have consequences.
A consequence is a change.
Changes can be predicted
Actions can produce predictable consequences or results.

Learn to be a life observer. Watch what actions produce what results. Experiment in your own life.

Important Point #4
Your received life experience can be classified into four areas - these are the primary areas to take action for a life of successful consequences!

Everything that happens to you, everything that you experience can be classified as having a consequence that impacts upon you in any of four divisions of your life.

These are the four divisions of your life, the four ways that you experience life:

  1. Your physical life
  2. Your intellectual life
  3. Your emotional life
  4. Your spiritual life
They are also important enough to warrant their own explanatory pages in this site, because these are the primary areas where "we are change", meaning where we can take action and expect consequences.



We Are Change

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