Success Intelligence and Intellect

Let me explain why success intelligence and success intellect are important to you, starting with some definitions.

Figuring the Definition of Success Intelligence

Here's the definition of intelligence taken from the site:

capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity;
aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.

the key words here are, capacity and aptitude.

  • Capacity means the amount something can hold or take in.
  • Aptitude is an ability or capacity to do something.

As far as intelligence goes, your intelligence is your 'capacity' or your 'aptitude' to learn, to figure things out, to understand, to determine a truth.

Einstein - Intelligence and Intellect
Intelligence and Intellect
picture courtesy of Bryan Wright at Flickr

In its strictest sense your intelligence is not what you know, rather, it is how much you are capable of learning, how much you are capable of figuring things out, how much you are capable of understanding things. The human mind is a wonderful thing, and as yet, no one fully understands it, and no one fully knows what it's capable of. (The only limits on the human mind are those that we put there ourselves).

If we extend that idea, Success Intelligence becomes how much you are capable of learning about success, how much you are capable of figuring out your success, and how much you are capable of understanding success.

Figuring the Definition of Success Intellect

Now let's treat intellect in the same way. The site defines intellect as:

the power or faculty of the mind by which one knows or understands,
as distinguished from that by which one feels...
...and that by which one wills;
the understanding;
the faculty of thinking and acquiring knowledge.

In other words, intellect is a function of the mind. It is something that the mind does.

  • The mind (using the intellect) knows.
  • The mind (using the intellect) understands.
  • The mind (using the intellect) figures things out.

And again extending that idea, Success Intellect is the function of the mind that helps you know success, understand success and figure out success.

Now you know what they are....

Now here's the nice thing about intelligence and intellect.

Your intelligence is 'potential' - something you are capable of being or becoming. You are born with that potential, and you can develop it further. Some of it is natural and some of it is acquired

Your intellect is something you do, a function of the mind, you are born with an intellectual function. How else did you learn to recognise your mother's face? or learn to ride a bike? or learn to read a computer screen? 'Learning' is a major part of what the intellect does!

In other words, you are born with an inbuilt intelligence and an inbuilt correct functioning of the mind called your intellect.

All that you have to do is develop them correctly.

Ha! Easy for you to say I hear you say! Maybe, maybe not. Here's the inside scoop.

Developing your Success Intelligence and Intellect

There are three basic ways that the human mind learns things - I shall go into detail another time - but for now accept that you learn and recall things that

  1. you've encountered recently. (Ask any student who does last minute cramming!)
  2. you've encountered on a repeated basis. (Ask any office worker who learned the details of their job by 'sitting by Nellie', or a student who does their 'times tables')
  3. you've associated with a strong impression on the mind. (Where in the world is Tiananmen Square? How do you know? What could you tell me about it?)

If you want to develop a success mentality, success intelligence and success intellect, then you need to feed your mind with information on a recent basis, a repeated basis and with strong impressions, or as I first learned it:

Recently  -  Frequently  -  and Potently!



Success Intelligence and Intellect

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