Free Information About Success

Here’s some free information about success. Discard it if you wish. But, if you use it, it could change your life.

Life gives you certain things. Optimise those things and you have a great life. Waste those things, and life goes in a different direction.

So what does life give you?

First of all, you get what I call the three primaries

  • Time

  • Energy, and

  • Awareness

Throughout your life, your time is running out. Your lifetime is limited. It can run out at a fast rate or a slow rate. How quickly it runs out is probably more in your control than you think.

Want to do something with your life? Then you'll need some energy.

Energy isn't like time. You're not given a lifetime's worth of it at the start of your life. No, what you have to do is take in a bit of energy, and then use it, refuel, and then use that. Continue the process through your life.

The trick with energy is knowing when to take on fuel, when to expend it and how to use it efficiently. It also helps to know what constitutes a "good" fuel, and what doesn't. If you don't believe me try filling a jumbo jet with diesel instead of jet-fuel. They're both fuels, one works in jumbo jets and the other isn't quite so good.

Awareness works in an opposite way to time. You start life with none, and you build it up through your life. You choose moment to moment where to let your awareness rest. Each resting of awareness leaves an impression. It's your accumulated impressions that form your life experiences. If your life experiences are not the ones that you want maybe you need to adjust your focus and let your awareness rest somewhere else.



Free Information about Success

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