10 Principles of Success

These 10 Principles of Success can be used as an easy reference to guide you on your own path to a successful life. Use them as the basis for forming your own guidelines.

1. Make a decision to be successful.
Expect to reap the benefits of that decision. And take full responsibility for that decision - you make the decision, you handle the results of that decision.

2. Know what success you seek.
Know what success looks like to you. Know what it feels like to you. Know what it will mean physically. Know what it will mean emotionally.

3. Make your success believable.
If you don't believe it possible then it won't happen. The first way to make it believable is to break it down into smaller successes. For example, if you consider being a millionaire makes you a success, but you can't imagine earning a million dollars, break it down. Earn a thousand dollars a thousand times and you've earned a million dollars. In this example, set your first target as a thousand dollars.

4. Focus on one definite, major, goal.
If you don't focus on one goal you are going to be diluting your thoughts and your actions. Laser target everything you think and do to your one major definite goal. If you have other goals and visions of success, that's fine, just ensure that they are fully compatible with your one definite, major, goal.

5. Keep your 'success' vision in front of you.
There are two reasons for this: firstly it concentrates your thoughts and activities, and secondly, it guards against being distracted into other activities. Create and adapt your own 10 Principles of Success to help keep your vision in mind.

6. Constantly reinforce your belief in yourself, your success and your goals.
If you constantly feed negative thoughts, images and feelings into your mind, guess what's going to come out of it. Actively feed your mind with positive thoughts, images and feelings. Make time to imagine and daydream. Make the effort to listen to messages that re-inforce your belief in yourself, and your behaviour.

7. Do something to achieve your success.
Remember, everything is an experiment. It's not always perfectly pre-planned with definite outcomes. Take action, whether perfect or imperfect. Nothing happens until someone does something. Do nothing and nothing happens. Do something and something happens. It may not be perfect, but it is the stepping stone to something that is perfect.

8. Guard against negative interpretations.
The world is full of people and organisations that want you to see the world their way. Their path is not always the same path as yours. Choose to interpret the world and its events in the way that suits your success. Just because someone else sees an insurmountable problem you don't have to see it the same way.

9. Celebrate your achievements.
There's little point in achieving something if you don't enjoy it. Reward yourself appropriately. Share the joy of your achievements with others. Share your 10 Principles of Success with others. It's free, it's helpful and it shows you care. Let your success be an example to others, helping them to achieve to their own success.

10. Take the time to review your life.
Review your goals. Review your progress. Review your talents. Review your thoughts. Review your feelings. Review your actions. Review your character. Adjust your life, the way you live it, and what you do accordingly.

Carry the 10 Principles of Success with you 'til you know them by heart and act on them!



10 Principles of Success

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