Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
...or Students ...or Moms ...or Anyone!

I'd been thinking of the best way of doing a short piece for this website about the Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs, or Students, or Moms, or... Well, anyone who wants to be successful really!

It seemed like one of those strange occurrences. I thought about it in the back of my mind for a few days. I made a few notes of what should be included. But, I hadn't moved it further than that.

And then BAM! along comes an email titled "The Characteristics of a Successful Entrepeneur".

characteristics of successful entrepreneur
What are the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?
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"How strange and fortuitous." I thought. ('Cos I sometimes think funny words like "fortuitous"!)

No sooner had I decided that the email contained material which could be adapted to serve my purpose than... BAM! along comes another email titled "The Characteristics of a Successful Student".

"This is beyond weird!" I thought. "Fate or synchronicity or something is trying to tell me something here!"

So listen! I don't want to play around with strange powers, I'm simply going to combine the two lists from the two emails and present them here. I've searched to find who originally put these lists together without being able to give definitive attribution. (If anyone has conclusive evidence let me know please using the contact form. Thanks.)

Here goes:

The Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful people:

  • Are committed to their goals
  • Are able to set priorities
  • Have learned how to learn
  • Are results oriented
  • Continually seek new challenges
  • Manage stress effectively
  • Focus on a mission
  • Learn how to make decisions
  • Practice mental rehearsal
  • Take calculated risks
  • Maintain flexibility
  • Ask for what they want
  • Are able to ask the right questions
  • Keep their promises
  • Are good listeners
  • Can tolerate rejection and loss
  • Practice persistence
  • Avoid perfectionism
  • Accept help from successful people
  • Trust their hunches
  • Are able to negotiate
  • Anticipate what can go wrong
  • Feel good about themselves
  • Strive to improve
  • Practice patience
  • Are assertive when necessary
  • Are honest
  • Are able to see the other person’s point of view
  • Avoid self-pity
  • Use praise more than criticism
  • Learn to say no
  • Trust themselves

I think it's a really good list, but if you have other things that you think should be there let me know in the contact form.



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