Your Key Success Factor

I want to be very clear on this. You have one key success factor.

Don't misunderstand me. There are many things that contribute to success and a successful life, but there is one thing that you must have right at the top of your list - and keep it there.

Your own mind creates the destiny of your life.

Everything that you experience in this existence has it's origin in thought.

The thoughts that you hold in your mind are a very powerful creative force.

If you hold thoughts of success and thoughts of happiness in your mind, then what your mind will experience are success and happiness. Your mind cannot experience success and happiness if it is holding thoughts of anger, or fear or despair.

What can you do with this key success factor?

Firstly. Remember that you are not your thoughts.

If you are experiencing angry thoughts it does not mean that you are an angry person. It means that you are a being experiencing angry thoughts. You get to choose what to do about those angry thoughts.

  • You can choose to fully process them and express them.
  • You can choose to reject angry thoughts as having unpleasant consequences.
  • You can choose to consciously think happier thoughts, more rewarding and more beneficial thoughts.
The choice is yours.

No one else can choose what you think except you.

Secondly. You can choose to think thoughts that are in alignment with what you want to experience in life.

If you want to experience wealth think thoughts of wealth and what you would do with that that wealth. How would it benefit you? How would it benefit others?

If you want to find that special someone in your life, think thoughts about what that person will be like, how they will look, talk, walk, laugh, cry, run, shout, drive, sleep.

When you use this key success factor, when you constantly know that your mind creates your life destiny, you will find that your way of thinking is changing. When you are able to hold onto thoughts of success and thoughts of happiness, you will find that your life is one of success and of happiness.



Key Success Factor

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