Practical Success Secrets
It's about you being able to enjoy life more!

Hey, try this thought about success secrets . . .

Here’s where you are:

You know that you're a fairly normal person.

  • You don't have two heads.
  • You don't display embarrassing habits,
    (well, not appreciably more than the next person).
  • You're reasonably mature both psychologically and emotionally.
In short, you know that you're reasonably normal in most ways.

What bothers you, is that there are other reasonably normal people who just seem to enjoy life more than you do. They get all the nice things,

  • the nice house,
  • the nice holidays,
  • the nice cars,
  • the nice incomes,
  • the nice relationships,
...yada, yada, yada, yada.

And you?

You don't seem to get the same sort of nice life that other "normal" people get. (Are you sure you're normal?)

As a normal person, you know that there was once a time when you didn't know how to talk. You were probably very young at the time. But you still know that at one time you couldn't talk.

Nowadays things are different.

Nowadays you can talk.

At some stage you went from being unable to talk to being able to talk.

The same thing happened with walking. At some stage you went from being unable to walk to being able to walk.

What dramatic events happened to cause these quantum shifts in the nature of your existence?

Mmm..? Maybe it was something you learned?


Now here's something that successful people know - something they've learned:

There are no secrets to being successful.

Successful people know that secrets are about information being withheld from them. If we discuss national security then secrets exist. If we discuss election campaign plans, well yeah, secrets exist there too. But, as far as being a person of achievement goes, there's no world conspiracy, hidden government initiative or sneaky plan by your boss, to specifically deny you access to information that could help you have a better life.

It's worth repeating:

There are no secrets to being successful.


That’s powerful stuff.

Successful people know that they are not restricted in finding information that makes them achievers.

All they’ve got to do is find it and use it. There's plenty of it out there - a bit like the truth, that's out there too!

There is a difference between successful people and those people still waiting for the good life. Successful people have decided that they're just not hanging around to accept whatever life gives them. They go out looking for the life that they want.

They know where and how to get knowledge that can help them and they try things out using that knowledge. They know where and how to get the knowledge that helps them because they've looked for it, and not given up until they've found it.

With that approach to life, achievement often follows.

In fact, it always follows providing the person doesn't give up on finding new knowledge and trying it out.

There are many people though, who think there are secrets denying them the good life - stuff they don't know, stuff they can't find out, stuff they don’t know how to do, stuff they’re not prepared to try. It prevents them from trying things. It prevents them from looking at life in new ways. It limits the possibilities available to them. It limits their world. It limits their ability to have a good life. It prevents them from doing what winners do.

It prevents them from being a winner.

It's a sad fact, but there will always be people like that.

Now stop and think about this - which type of person are you? - which type do you want to be?


This site is for those people who are intent on finding knowledge, trying it out and becoming successful. It's a site for people who want to learn about the elements of a successful life, who want to learn how life for successful people is put together. It’s not all new stuff here, but it is brought together and presented so that you can see stuff that is new to you.

That can be useful, especially if you didn’t know it before.


Am I especially qualified to tell you these "secrets"?

That depends on how you look at it. For some people I will be super-qualified, for others I won't meet the basics. It all depends who you're going to compare me to? And people always compare.

That's life.

In reality, it doesn’t matter what I say, you'll make up your own mind.

What I want you to understand is that this isn't about me enjoying an ego trip. It's about you being able to enjoy life more. That’s why it’s called Practical Success Secrets. Test out the site. Just remember, if you want a quantum shift in the nature of your life, it's maybe going to come from something you learn.

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