What can Ruben Gonzalez
- a record Olympian! -
Do For You?

Ruben Gonzalez is one of those people that I would put on the "special watch" list.

What do I mean?

Well, a long time ago, in a galaxy - well, actually it was this galaxy. Anyway, I'd learned to read at school, but I didn't read a lot in those days.

It was ok, but I never really got over-enthusiastic about reading as a youngster. It was something that developed more as got into my teens. When I did read, it tended to be more factual material. Stuff about how things worked, and what things did, and why. Then I read my first autobiographical book. I was very fortunate. I'd picked the autobiography of a real winner, a soccer player called, Stan Matthews, or more correctly Sir Stanley Matthews CBE.

I won't retell his story here, suffice to say it is one of dedication, self-discipline and is totally inspiring.

What's that got to do with Ruben Gonzalez?

Ruben Gonzalez Well, I discovered from reading Sir Stan's story that I loved discovering stories of success. Not just in sport, but from all walks of life. In politics, in the military, in business, in art, in acting, in writing, in science and many other areas of life.

What's worth watching and following with Ruben is that he's making a huge impact in two areas of life. Two areas where he's creating his own success story:

  • Firstly in sport.

    Ruben enjoys sports and as a young man decided that he was going to go to the Olympics. Just making that type of decision takes some doing. Following through on it is a different matter.

    It takes special qualities to become an Olympian. It takes determination, self-discipline, skill at your chosen sport, the ability to learn, the ability to apply that learning, and so many other things.

    Ok. Let's cut this story short. I'll give you the link later where you can get the fine detail.

    Ruben Gonzalez chose the sport of luge - which is racing downhill feet first, on your back, against the clock, on a tiny sled, which you steer with your calf muscles and shoulders. You reach speeds in excess of 80 mph and you're just inches above the ice.

    Ruben has attended the Olympics in 1988, 1992, and 2002.

    Quite an achievement. But, there's more to come :-)


  • Secondly in Helping Others.

    Ruben realises that success in any sphere in life requires certain skills, certain qualities of character, and in the final analysis, the ability to just get on with it!

    Knowing it is one thing, but Ruben lives it.

    Much more than that though Ruben Gonzalez shares that knowledge of success with as many people as he can.

    For some time now, Ruben has been one of the most sought after motivational speakers around the world. Watch this video to see what I mean.



Now there are some really important messages in there. Messages about conditioning your mind, visualising your success, being positive, having mentors, coaches and a support network, overcoming challenges, and yes, just like the final message says:

a message of determination, commitment and persistance that strikes home

Now, remember when I said there was more to come earlier?

Well here it is:

I'm writing this today because Ruben's just let me know that at the grand old age of 47 he's just qualified for his fourth Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010. It makes him a record holder in Winter Olympics as having attended Olympics in each of the last four decades. The first person to ever do that.

Now, all you have to do is ask yourself whether this guy should be on your special watch list.

Could you learn something from a guy like that?

If you can, then hop over to his site Ruben Gonzalez - TheLugeMan.com

Tell him I sent you! ;-)



Ruben Gonzalez

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