Traffic Travis

Listen, Mark Ling put me onto Traffic Travis and it was one of the best things to happen to me.

Traffic Travis
SEO Software
You see, when you write for the net, it ain't just a case of writing what you think is alright.

No! Unless you have a captive audience that keeps coming back to your site whatever you write, you have to make sure that your written offerings are also search engine friendly.

That way the search engines find you, post your page higher in their results and you get more people visiting your site. Simples!

That means that you have to have the right sort of content, written in a Search Engine friendly way, and optimised for keywords and other "sympathetic" words.

Life can get complicated for a web writer! ;-)

Now to be honest with you, there are lots of tools out there which will help in that process. But one of the ones that I use consistently is Traffic Travis.

What does it do?

Well, this particular piece of SEO software fetches up your chosen keywords - in sentence context - from different types of web document that you specify.

You can "select-in" those that are relevant, put then into your preferred order, and then use them to create your own article, blog post or .pdf that is virtually guaranteed to get a high ranking.

Do I have to persuade you to buy?

NO! Because there's a free version that you can download to your own computer and use to your hearts content without time limit.

YES! I did say FREE.


Click here for this brilliant piece of SEO Software



Traffic Travis
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