Lines From The Heart

There's a special story behind Lines From The Heart.

There's a guy that I've followed on the internet for a long time now. He speaks with wisdom and he speaks with clarity. He has helped me understand many things about life and about humans. I like the guy and have great respect for him.

Charles Burke
Charles Burke
His name is Charles Burke, and he runs a website called He has other websites too which can be reached from BullsEye-Living.

I've often wondered where and how Charles developed his wit and wisdom. Well, I recently found out a little more.

I'd already figured that Charles didn't have the easiest childhood. Now don't get me wrong, there are and were many childhoods much worse. Undoubtedly though, Charles' early days could have been easier. He would also be the first to tell you that he is grateful for them because they have made him who he is today.

I get the distinct impression that two people in particular quietly supported Charles.

The first, his grandfather, who I get the impression at least, passed on solid wisdom and some affection in a remote sort of way.

The second, was Charles' mother, who I get the impression went through just as tough a time as her son at times. Her name was Lucile Burke, or more properly Lucile I. Burke. She was known as Ceil to her friends.

I have to use the past tense because sadly Lucile passed on in August 2009 at the grand age of 86.

Before she passed, Lucile had taken to writing poetry, and writing it in volume. In fact she had written so many poems that the stack of poems reached nearly four feet high.

Now you need to understand, these are not just any old poems. These are poems that show the source of the wisdom that you can see through Charles' work. It really is magical, spiritual stuff.

Lines from the Heart
Lines from the Heart website
Cutting a long story short - and I may fill the gaps one day - rather than just let those poems gather dust in an attic somewhere, Charles is putting them on a website called as a tribute and memorial to his mother.

If you like poetry visit the site.

If you want to absorb wisdom then spend some real thinking time there.

Here's the link

Bookmark it and enjoy!



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