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After investing in some Think Right Now CDs and programs from Mike Brescia (Think Right Now for Windows program and several CDs), I was anxious to have them work for me.

One part of me said, "just play the things and they'll work", another part of me said, "you won't get the real benefits unless you understand what you're doing!" (It's a bit "man-ish" of me. You know, "it's working fine, so let's take it apart and see how it does it!" It's the attitude that makes wives and girlfriends the world over raise their eyes to heaven and silently say, "Oh Lord, not again, I'll warn the repairman!")

Think Right Now CDs
My first investment in Mike Brescia, The Think Right Now CDs
So listen, the early part of this story is that I bought these Think Right Now! materials from Mike Brescia's website, tried them, got no life changing effects within the first few days and so I gradually stopped using them. Like..., gradual over a week!

Well, come on! Let's face it! Sometimes we all buy something that looks or sounds absolutely brilliant, and then we start to think we've been ripped off. Just so that we don't have to face up to our own stupidity, we shuffle the new product off to somewhere quiet, where we try to forget it, along with our own naivety. Mike Brescia's materials - my materials sat on a shelf, (and on my hard drive) for about five months, until Christmas.

At Christmas I was given a present of a book on how the mind works. It was a fascinating read, and yeah, maybe you think I'm geeky, but I learned lots from it. I got lost in some of the more technical aspects. I didn't really need to understand the difference between the pineal gland and the pituitary gland, or the cerebellum and the amygdala. But where this book really helped me, was in understanding and developing my ideas on conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind processes. Things like, how we think and feel and how we can direct our thoughts and feelings.

The section on paying attention unconsciously caught my eye, (that was what Mike Brescia's materials seemed to want to do). Let's move into that right now.

Are You Paying Attention?

In the 1940s, a group of US psychologists were researching the factors influencing attention.

In one of their experiments, the researchers "flashed" words on a screen to volunteers for shorts durations. The words used fell into two specific types,

  1. Neutral Words chosen for having unlikely intellectual or emotional effect. Words like board, nail, hammer and
  2. Taboo Wordswords with a high intellectual or emotional content, which unfortunately, if I put them on this website would likely have me banned by certain service providers and work-based internet connections. (To give you a clue though, think of the name for the defining part of man's body, or a derogatory term for a lady of the night that rhymes with war).

Think Right Now for Windows Control Panel
The Think Right Now! for Windows software control panel allows you to "flash" your own messages to your subconscious, with control of flash frequency and duration
At the very shortest flash durations, the volunteers were unable to see anything more than a brief light burst. However as the time period of the flashes was increased, it became apparent that the volunteers took longer to recognise the taboo words than the neutral words. In other words, the less acceptable the word, the longer it took for the volunteer to register it.

Now, excluding a lot of other detail, what the experiment shows, is that the subconscious mind actually registers information way before the conscious mind, and acts as a defence mechanism, preventing the conscious mind being exposed to harmful data without due preparation.

The key part to this is that the subconscious mind can take in information in it's own right, without the actions of the conscious mind.

That's important, read it again:

The key part to this is that the subconscious mind can take in information in it's own right, without the actions of the conscious mind.

I think that Mike Brescia should stress that point more!

From The Sublime To The Subliminal

Right. Now, let's move on to the 1950s.

1957 to be precise. That was when a market researcher caused a furore by announcing that he had dramatically increased sales of food by 58% and of drink by 18% at a cinema in Fort Lee, New Jersey. He claimed to have achieved this feat by simply inserting the words 'Eat Popcorn' and 'Drink Coca-Cola' in the film-strip of the film 'Picnic', so that those words flashed on screen for 3/1000 of a second at 5 second intervals.

The researcher probably didn't know the extent of the trouble he was causing. The United States people, already anxious over the cold war, idealogical mind control and the growing belief in the possibility of alien invaders, did not like the idea of this subliminal messaging. When news of the 'alleged' marketing experiment reached the US government, there was further outcry. The researcher put an end to the experiments, and in fact later said that the whole thing had been a hoax.

It was too late, the idea of subliminal messages and mind control was out.

The official line taken by the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom appears to be that subliminal messaging has only a very limited effect in influencing thoughts and actions.

If that's the view from the hill, the 'political' view, it's somewhat surprising then that the two political parties in the United States should get into the type of debate that they did in the Presidential race of 2000 between George W Bush and Al Gore. During that election race, the Democrats alleged that during a Republican political broadcast, the word 'RATS' appeared on the screen for exactly 1/30th second whilst 'DEMOC' the other parts of the word 'DEMOCRATS' went in and out of view. The accusation was clearly one of deliberate subliminal messaging.

In reply, the Republicans said the whole thing was purely co-incidental, despite the word 'RATS' being in larger typeface than 'DEMOC'. It should maybe have formed the basis of an episode of 'Strange but True'.

In the event, that whole debate was shadowed by the controversy over which votes should and shouldn't be counted in Florida. But isn't it strange that politicians - people placed in a position to govern - should believe differently to the official government line?

Do you believe?

For me, the evidence indicated that we can affect our own thinking patterns - and so our actions - by strengthening the 'thought paths' through our brains, by exposure to repeated external stimuli.

It further suggested that we didn't actually have to think about the repeated exposure.

With Mike Brescia's Think Right Now materials, it meant that I didn't have to actively think about the messages that I was seeing or hearing for them to work.

That was what I needed.

I started to use the materials again with a new sense of expectation and a new sense of belief and trust in them.

And the result? For me, I can agree that they have an effect. My concentration has improved, my ability to focus has got better. My tendency to put things off has significantly reduced.

That's good in itself. But I can go further in saying that the way Mike Brescia's materials did that has been on an ongoing and sustained basis. In other words the effect has a great permanency about it.

There is no doubt in my mind that it's that permanent effect, that sustained difference which has seen me get increased results from my activities and in my overall success.

So, listen. I can't and won't say that the Mike Brescia's materials are the complete answer to being successful, but I can say that for me they have played a hugely significant part in changing the way that I think, the way that I work and the results that I get. For me, they are well worth using.


If you want to have a look at Mike Brescia's materials yourself follow this link. I think you'll be glad you did!



Mike Brescia - Background and Review

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