The Paul Myers
and TalkBizNews Review
(Need to Know basis only)

Paul Myers of TalkBizNews is someone who scares me

No, it's not the photograph that scares me. Let me tell you why Paul is someone who scares me.

Paul Myers
Paul Myers
When you've been web-searching for information for a while, you find yourself subscribed to a pile of newsletters, which have at sometime had some interest for you. Trouble is, some of those emails and newsletters are pretty good, and some are not. Later, you realise that you have so many newsletters coming in that you can't read them all. You mark them as read, or delete them, without actually reading them. Maybe with some of them you even unsubscribe.

Here's why Paul scares me:

He knows (and I mean really knows) about being successful on the internet. He knows about selling, about writing, about communicating, but most of all he knows about humans and human nature. His newsletters are always good - and I mean really good.

I am scared NOT to read them!

Many people in Paul's position have moved to delivering their newsletter on a paid subscription basis - it makes them money, allegedly.

So far Paul Myers has resisted - clever fella!

If you're a bit curious and think it would be nice to have a bit more knowledge but you know that you won't really put any of it into practice, then pass by on this. On the other hand, if you would like to have information that you'll really use then you can still sign up for TalkBizNews while it's free.

Just to show how he over-delivers, Paul's offering to give a copy of his book, "Need to Know" to you.

Let me tell you about "Need to Know"


It's a book designed to help people in developing an internet business. If you're not developing an internet business, well, don't think you've got a useless piece of digital dross. This book will help you understand a lot more about human reactions and about your responses to web sites generally. It will also make you re-think your communication skills and develop clarity in a lot of things.
But hey, only if you're ready ;-)

Here's that link to Paul Myers' TalkBizNews sign-up page again!




Paul Myers and TalkBizNews

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