Emotion and Stress
Giving You Problems?

Problems with emotion and stress?

One of the greatest fallacies of humankind is that emotional responses are inevitable, unavoidable and unchangeable.

Emotional responses are pre-programmed mental and physical responses designed for the survival of the individual.

Originally, they stem from our earliest existence when threat of being killed by predators were a constant threat. The emotional response of 'fear' tensed the body ready for a fight or flight response to the threat. It also pumped adrenalin into the body so that there was a surge of energy to support the physical response.

The development of humankind on an individual and societal basis means that we now face complex situations. Situations to which we have developed emotional responses during our early childhood development. They are buried deep within our subconscious and belief system.

Emotional Confusion

The complexity of our human existence has greatly confused our emotional systems.

  • There are many people who automatically play their emotional response even when none is required or needed.
  • There are many people who play an emotional response even though it may be an inappropriate response.
  • There are many people who 'join in' a situation with an emotional response when they would be better not involving themselves, or when their involvement makes the situation worse.

Such actions confuse the situations involved, and frequently confuse the people involved. It leaves them apparently entering deeper into situations that they had no intention of getting involved with in the first place.

Simple Solution

There is a simple solution:

Learn to let things go, and,
Learn to choose your emotion.

Not every situation demands an emotional response. So don't think you have to give a response, emotional or otherwise. Learn to let go.

If you do use an emotional response think about which one you will use. Turn your emotional automatic pilot off and decide that you can choose which emotion you will experience in a situation.

Most of all, decide, really think and decide, whether you control your emotions or whether your emotions control you.



Emotion and Stress

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