Successful Summer - NOT!

No, this was not a successful summer.

Shakespeare comes to mind in a slightly different form:

Now is the summer of our discontent
to be made a lot brighter with a bit of common sense!


Well September has arrived and I find myself assessing and learning rather than fully celebrating a successful summer.

Oh it's not the weather!

It's been a good summer from that point of view. Rather, it's been achieving my own goals that's left me reviewing.

For me there were successes, but I have to confess to not sticking to my plan and being side-tracked all too often.

I could sit and bewail my fate, the unfairness of life, and could lament and gnash my teeth at how bad life is and try to evoke understanding and even sympathy. That won't get the results that I want though, any more than wasting a summer with easy distractions.

So what should I do?

Well, first off, some things went right. Review them, understand why they went right, and decide whether the processes could be improved.

Secondly, for the things that didn't go right, find out why and learn how to avoid or take account of those reasons another time.

So, I've not achieved all of my goals through the summer. It has consequences for me and it has consequences for my readers. I take responsibility for that, and I deal with the consequences.

Then I decide which of those goals I really wanted to achieve, and which I still want to achieve. I decide which ones are still important and still relevant and then re-focus on achieving them. And I mean re-focus with improved thought and improved energy and most of all with improved commitment.

Not achieving a goal is only a failure when you give up.

Remember that when your summer isn't quite so good!



Successful Summer

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