Another Video?
You betcha!

I heard a nice rebuttal of the Not Another Video argument today.

It goes as follows:

1. In today's entertainment world of TV, DVD and video games there is a growing acclimatisation to moving images. In short, people are getting used to, and even expecting, their information to be delivered via video.

2. Online video allows users to have their senses to stimulated in multiple ways and, at speed.

3. Thomas Mulholland, a Canadian psycho-physiologist (opens new window), discovered that as soon as 30 seconds after starting to watch TV, peoples brains start to slow to to the Alpha pattern.

As a reminder here, that is the state we normally attain somewhere in that stage between wakefulness and early sleep. It is at the point when the brain is most receptive to new information. Alpha brain waves are associated with unfocused, overly receptive states of consciousness.

Is it any wonder that all those people trying to sell you something on the internet would want to send information by video?

4. Video can communicate non-verbal information such as emotion, attitude and voice much easier than just the spoken word. It all helps to build trust - again, exactly what the on-line marketer wants.

Maybe I need a serious rethink!



Another Video

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