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Are there success secrets?

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Are there really such things as success secrets?

Let's face it, none of us likes to think that someone else knows something that we don't. We'd much prefer it if we knew something that others didn't. That's human nature. It's part of our competitive instinct. It's a throwback to our ancestral survival when if someone else had food and we didn't, then we felt threatened. If we had food and they didn't, then we felt powerful.

information or knowledge
knowledge - our modern power source
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We've moved on, but only slightly.

Having information or knowledge, and knowing how to use it at the right time, that's our modern power source.

Knowledge makes us powerful. We still like to be powerful. We like to display our power. We display our power by showing our trophies, the symbols of our achievements.

Signs of Success

The most common trophies and symbols sought by people include:

  • Wealth
    Having lots of money, owning nice things like houses, cars, clothes, jewellery.

  • Happy Relationships
    Maybe including that one special love interest, lots of friends, wonderful relationships with family members.
  • Intelligence and Talents
    Special skills or a clever mind, high level qualifications, expertise, wisdom
  • Fame
    Being well-known and recognised, being sought out as someone special
  • Spirituality
    Spiritual gifts and recognition, a special closeness to their Deity or understanding of God, having a special life philosophy
Signs of Success!
Signs of Success
photo courtesy PDP

If you don't have enough of those symbols, those trophies, maybe it's because no-one told you what you needed to know.

Maybe they wanted you to feel inferior, even threatened. Maybe they wanted to feel more powerful than you.

Maybe it was something else...

Conspiracy Theory?

When you went to school, did you have classes in:

  • Wealth?
    Wealth creation, personal banking skills, personal financial management, savings schemes, taxation, asset purchasing and appreciation, investments
  • Happy Relationships?
    Understanding feelings and emotions, emotional management, empathy, sympathy, compassion, honesty, effective expression of emotions,
  • Intelligence and Talents?

    Learning skills, self-motivation, personal goal-setting, personal planning,

  • Fame?
    Self-image recognition, self-image creation, self-esteem recognition, self-esteem management,
  • Spirituality?
    Awareness, life observation, reviewing techniques, imagination skills,


Well, you're not alone. My experience is that most education systems are not optimised for personal achievement.

Let's be clear here: It's not a deliberate conspiracy.

Your parents and teachers were brought up in the same system, and they weren't told success secrets either, they couldn't tell you what they didn't know themselves!

Later maybe, I'll tell you why no-one is told success secrets. But for now...

Where does it leave you?

Well, it leaves you knowing that you're missing important information but not sure where to find it.

Can this site help?

Maybe it can, maybe it can't. Ultimately, you are the best person to judge that question for yourself.

You may find this site useful if....

  • You know life could be better...
    but it doesn't seem to be happening,
  • You've read loads of success books, listened to stacks of recordings, been to countless seminars, and think you have all the information you need...
    except that one little nugget that brings it all together,
  • You like the thought of a happy and successful life...
    but don't want to fall prey to the marketing hype, the snake oil sellers, or those strange folk who just live on a completely different planet,
  • You just feel your life should have more meaning...
    but you can't find what it should be.

I can't offer you any guarantee that you will find happiness, contentment, prosperity and all those nice things in life, no-one can do that apart from you.

What I can say is that there are success secrets - things you haven't been told before - in this site.

There's also a fair chance that just looking at life in a different way could make all the difference to your success - and you'll get the chance in this site to see life from a different perspective, and to open up your own success secrets.

All that you have to do is be open minded, consider the success secrets here, take them and use them. If you can do that, you could finally start getting somewhere!

(If you're not sure that there are success secrets then this article might interest you.)

Have you got your 'Bits' report?

I have spent over twenty-five years in my own search for the causes of achievement in peoples' lives. My search has led me into working with international banks, oil companies, government agencies, and smaller organisations too, as well as consultancy work. It has taken me into studies in business, personal development, physiology, psychology, philosophy, religions, spirituality and the many biographies of successful people. (If you want greater detail about my story, click on the 'About' pages). I've loved most of it, but accept that you may want to save yourself twenty-five years of research work! If that's so then dive straight in to the Practical Success Secrets website. Start with the The 'Bits' Report!



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