A Successful Entrepreneur?
The Infopreneur's Dilemma

"I want to be a successful entrepreneur"
he said, but does he want help or spoon-feeding?

"I want to be a successful entrepreneur", said the email.

"Is that it"? I thought.

I read the email again.

It was from someone in Southwest France with a male name. I will call him Jean-Luc to save his embarrassment, here's what the message said:
"Hi, I would like to receive your infos to be a successful entrepreneur as I want to be an entrepreneur.
Regards, Jean-Luc."
My natural inclination was to try and help the guy. But I was torn in a multitude of different directions.
  • Had he read my entire site?
  • Had he signed up for the success alert?
  • Had he downloaded the "Bits" report?
  • Had he followed links to recommended resources?
  • What did this chap already know about being an entrepreneur?
  • If an entrepreneur combines the resources of land, labour and capital to create a profit, how much of each of these resources did this chap have access to?
  • How old is he?
  • What education and experience has he had?
And all of that within the first twenty seconds.

I pondered the message between my other tasks for a day or so.

It struck me that the indications are that it's probably a common phenomenon.

My pal Charles Burke once wrote a wonderful article asking whether his readers were really learning new stuff that they were applying in their lives, or whether they were using his materials as a source of entertainment.

Another online pal, Paul Myers once wrote about the number of people who write asking him to endorse a product without letting him even see the product. Or they ask him to recommend a resource to his opt-in list so that his list members all sign up for someone else's email list.

Great idea!

  • But what's in it for him?
  • What's his motivation to help?
  • What guarantee does he have that it will help his subscribers and not upset them?
  • What guarantee does he have that his subscribers won't desert him in their thousands because he's given out bum information?
Do you get the point here?

There will always be those people who want to gather in information, maybe they'll use it, and maybe they won't.

There'll always be those people who want to get free information, heck I do too, given the choice. The fact remains that trade and commerce oil the wheels of industry, or maybe that should be grease the bankers' palms!

There's some information that you pay for. And the least payment that can be made is giving a little information to help someone help you!

What could this guy have done?

Well, he could have "given" some information about himself. It would have helped provide a context for any help that was offered.

At the end of the day though, I ask what has this guy already done to help himself? How much has he
  • studied?
  • learned?
  • applied?
How much has he narrowed down the specifics of what information he needs?

If Jean-Luc wants to be a successful entrepreneur, he first has to show that he can learn the very basics, and be seen to put it into practice!



A successful entrepreneur

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