Successful Thinking for Wannabe Power Thinkers and Achievers

Are you in the habit of successful thinking? Not sure? Don't exactly know what thinking like a power thinker means?

Here's one of the success secrets of power thinkers and achievers:

There is a linear process that starts with a thought and ends with success.
simple, hmm?

Some people don't get it .....

Don't get it!
Some people don't get it .....
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There's also a simple catch - get the process wrong and it leads to the absence of success. The absence of success is not failure. The absence of success is acceptance.
  • It's acceptance of whatever life throws at you.
  • The acceptance that you are powerless to make life better.
  • The acceptance of conditions and circumstances fatalistically.
  • The acceptance of being one of life's' victims.
Generally, the absence of success means mediocrity, dullness and wasted potential.

Most people go through life without successful thinking.

..... And some people just do it!

Now, there are lots of people who get that successful thinking linear process right. They are the successful power thinkers and achievers. They run that successful thinking process without consciously thinking about it. They are the people who 'appear' to get the good things from life so easily.

The majority of them get the process right not because they've had a good education and gained lots of qualifications - many of them have had below average education.

The majority of them get it right because they have had the correct process established at an early stage in their life. Sometimes establishing the process in the mind at an early age happens by design through an informed parent, relative or other person. More often, the individual develops it by chance, even more often, circumstances lead them to develop it.

And they don't even know that they have changed their thinking!

These people run that linear process routinely.

  • They face the same sort of problems that we do.
  • They face the same sort of crises that we do.
  • They face the same sort of obstacles that we do.
What makes life appear easier for them is that they handle their problems, their crises and their obstacles using the process that they've always known.

The process that always works.

And what can the rest of us do?

For the rest of us, we have to develop our minds and our actions to get the process right.

It means changing the way that we think, and it means following up with the correct action.

We have the choice of changing the way that we think whenever we like. We can start changing the way that we think when are 10, 20, 40, 60 or 80. Whenever we want. In fact, whenever we have had enough of mediocrity, dullness and wasted potential!

We have the choice of thinking

  • we can change our thinking, or
  • thinking that we can't change our thinking.
  • We have the choice of saying, "we're trying to do it, but it's so-o-o hard", or saying
  • "We are changing the way that we think gladly, willingly and enthusiastically".
Those are choices.

Those are your choices.

Your choices are an integral part of your thought processes.

Your thought process happens so quickly and so routinely that many people have never stopped to think about it.

You have the chance to think about it now!



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