Weight loss this summer?

Are you hoping for weight loss this summer?

Being a success isn't just about getting lots of money. It's about being the person that you want to be.

One of the issues I once faced was that my weight was just a little too much. I didn't feel unhealthy. I didn't feel fat. But I was incredibly aware that my clothes just didn't hang right. I was aware that my stomach hung over my belt - not a lot, but enough for me to be aware.

Most of all, I was aware that no-one ever turned around and said

"you look well, have you lost weight?"

My weight wasn't so much a weight problem as a perception problem. It made me realise that other people didn't look on me as a success. Other people didn't "see" me the way that I wanted them to see me.

I knew that I needed help and I needed information. What help and information did I need?

Ok. It comes down to having knowledge about nutrition, energy usage and maintaining your body as a healthy system. At the core of it I needed to know how to lose weight and how to build muscle.

I've used two main sources of information on the internet for that. These are two guys who know about weight loss, keeping fit and building muscle. They each have their own successful businesses... and... are really nice guys!

Yeah my facebook friends will find them their too. The first is John Benson at Fit over 40. The second is Tom Venuto at Burn the Fat.

They are mentioned in no particular order - they're both good!

Both guys are worth following - you can learn a lot. Oh, and by the way whilst I am an affiliate for their products, the above links are not "affiliate" links. Pure helpful info for you there!

This competition is now closed
Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Tom has a competition and challenge going at the moment for those looking for weight loss through the summer. I'll let him give you the juicy details, just hop over to the Burn the Fat blog.
This competition is now closed



Weight Loss
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