Will Josephine become a
Successful Business Story?

Will Josephine become a successful business story? What did she really want?

I have a sad but true story today.

I had an email from Josephine in Tuscon yesterday. Josephine wanted to know where the special offer details were that had been on the site right over the Christmas and New Year period. She was now ready to go ahead and take up the offer.

Okay. Here's the factual bit first:

The offer related to to a 2-for-1 special available to new business starters. In short, you pay $299 for everything you need - and I mean absolutely everything apart from applying your own thinking and motivation - to create your own real, working, sustainable, viable and successful business story.

The special offer was a buy-one-get-one-free. In other words, instead of one business for $299 you got two busiesses. What you did with the second was entirely upto you,

  • You could use it yourself,
  • You could save it for later
  • You could give it away
  • whatever..

The deal is a really good one even without the special offer.

I told Josephine that the offer had closed.

What is so sad about all of this?

Well, Josephine is a real person. She has real problems, she has real hopes and she has real ambitions, and yes, she said wanted to make her own successful business story.

Josephine had seen the special offer on this site over the Chrismas period. She followed up by checking out the information contained in the links. Everything seemed to fit together perfectly for her, and she decided to go ahead.

But, Josephine did nothing about it.

That is, nothing 'til yesterday, when she returned to my site, only to discover that the offer had closed.

- yes, my site showed the offer was for a limited period

- yes, my site said what the closing date would be

and, Josephine had missed it! Now how would she develop her successful business story?

Josephine asked if I would re-instate the special offer for her and she was now ready to go ahead straight away.

I explained that I hadn't made the special offer, I simply promoted it.

So, she asked if I could contact the originator on her behalf.

I said that I could ... but that she was missing the point...

I pointed out that starting a business is taking the opportunity to build your own life, your own income, reaching your own personal goals, doing the things that you love to do.

I spelled out that with an opportunity like that she could build a business worth thousands... millions... if she wanted. It depended on her dream.

I clarified that starting a second business wasn't a problem of finding a special offer. And then I explained...

And then I explained that what was really needed for a successful business was the ability to recognise an opportunity, and the ability to know that sometimes, opportunities disappear too. And I explained that having recognised an opportunity you have to decide whether to act or not, that there is a risk that the opportuity could disappear. And then I explained that if you decide to act, you should act!

Josephine still has an opportunity to build an online business, a different life, an attractive income and all the other nice things. I made it clear that the opportunity to do that had not gone.

Was there a success secret for Josephine?

What Josephine really had to do was choose from three options:

  1. carry on as before
  2. chase special offers, or
  3. start a business which could change her life
She still had a decision to make! She still had the chance to act, and act toward what she wanted!



Josephine's successful business story

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