A Life that Matters

Do you have a life that matters ?

I received this in an e-mail a couple of weeks ago, despite searches, I have yet to discover the author or date. Meanwhile, enjoy!


In time, our wins and our losses, our grudges, resentments, and jealousies,
do not matter quite as much.

In time, the things we have collected, our wealth, our fame, and our power,
do not matter quite as much.

Our gender and our skin color, even our beauty and our brilliance,
do not matter quite as much.

What does matter is not what we have bought,
but what we have built.

What matters is not what we have learned,
but what we have taught.

What matters is not our success,
but the success of those we have helped.

It is whether our integrity and compassion, have encouraged others to have integrity and compassion.

Our life is a matter of choice.

Each day,
each hour
may we choose,

A Life That Really Matters



A slightly different version of A Life that Matters (Click Link)



A Life That Matters
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