The 10 Principles of Success

"The 10 Principles of Success" appears to be a syndicated article originally written by Christian Csatari. Christian's site at isn't working correctly at the time of writing this piece so I won't make a live link to it. I'm guessing that he put that article in an article directory becuase it is repeated in various forms on quite a few sites - try Googling it!

The original 10 principle of success are based on:

  1. Have a dream
  2. Develop an action plan
  3. Focus on your goal
  4. Seek guidance
  5. Practice self discipline
  6. Take action
  7. Believe it's achievable
  8. Be a pioneer
  9. Manage your finances well
  10. Love what you do

Like I said there are many variations out there, though!

The real trick is to develop your own list of success principles. And, in doing that, you don't need to have 10 of them - it can be more than that or less than that!

I did my own version of 10 success principles some time back when I answered a question about "how to be successful", in an online question and answer site - I think it was Yahoo answers.

Remember, when you're working on this type of list it's not set in stone, and you'll be far better off thinking about what you consider to be important to your own success and formulating your own list. AND THEN LIVING IT!

Try it! It's a good exercise!



The 10 Principles of Success

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