The Law of Change

The Law of Change is the primary success law.

It is at the root of all the other laws. It is the foundation stone for all the other laws. Without this law none of the others can exists in the same form.

It is because this law is the foundation that I stress its importance. Some people think that I stress it too much. The danger in stressing it too much is that people may think that it is the only law. It is not the only law, but it is an important law. It is simple in content, and the key to this law lies in re-assessing your existence from the perspective it gives. It holds the potential to understanding the other laws.

Here's the detail:

This law says that your experience of life is your experience of change, and that your experience of change is your experience of life.

You are advised to think about and contemplate this law. Consider the changes in your life and think about how life would be if you experienced no changes at all.
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Law of Change

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