What do you
want to experience
in your life?

If you were to define what life is, how would you do it?

I want to be clear here, I don't want to experience how you would recognise a life somewhere else, I'd like you to say what it actually is.

In the words of John and Yoko Lennon;

“Well you know it ain't easy!”

For me, for my life, I take it as being my experience of change.

I can take it as being the physical bodily changes over a lifetime, and I can take it as being the breathing in and breathing out of air. I can add in the bursts of happiness that I may experience at certain times and the depths of sadness that I may reach at other times. I can put in the contribution of learning something new, a new fact, a new activity or a new skill. And I can even add in the wonder of a spiritual experience or metanoia.

I can take it as the difference in the sunsets from one day to the next, the change in weather and the change in seasons. I can take it as seeing new houses being built where I watched old homes being torn down.

For me, I see life as being my experience of all the changes going on in and around me.

Ultimately, as those changes stop coming into my range of experience my life will be done. Until finally, with my last breath, my final heartbeat, my very last closing of the eyes it will be over.

Maybe I will experience something else then. Maybe I will experience nothing, not even knowing my own existence. All I know is that I am currently continuously experiencing change, and that for me is the very nature of life.

For me, everything is experienced in that context.

My life is an experience of change.

And then there's the big question..

What are the changes that I want to experience?

I know my answers. I've written them down.

How 'bout you?

Here's how I figure it:

We're born - We're alive - We die

Whilst we're alive we experience change. All the time.

We can either try to direct our life toward the changes that we want to experience..

.. or not!

We either live life on our terms..

.. or we become life's passive participant.

We either swim with the current or we get tossed about by the waves.

But life is...

..well, it's kinda busy.

Have you noticed that?

There are so many changes going on in our lives. It can be hard to be aware of them all. It can be hard to take them into account as we try to move forward with our life. We can so easily be distracted from the changes that we want to experience. We're distracted because other changes are always attracting and capturing our attention.

That can be unhelpful.

If we're aiming our life at having financial independence and a wonderful home life,
- then things like invitations to hang out with friends at the bar,
- or a day’s shopping trip into town
not only takes our focus off what we ultimately want to experience, but it takes our activity off what we want from life too. The changes that we want to experience are at risk of becoming nothing more that a distant memory.

If you want to keep your vision alive..
..then you have to do something to keep it alive!

There's lots that you can do.

But the main thing you can do, and the easiest thing you can do, is to write down the changes and the nature of the changes that you want to experience in your life. Then read what you've written as often as you can and at least every day. It keeps it in your mind. It keeps your life focussed on what you want. It helps you to drive away those constant distractions. It gives you the power to take control of your life.

It’s a useful thing to do.

Unless you’d like someone else to have control of your life!



Want to experience life?

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