Sub-conscious Beliefs
Are they sabotaging your success?

Do your sub-conscious beliefs affect you when you think of success?

Well, what do you think of?

Most people think of money, cars, houses (and nice homes), nice clothes, enjoying times with friends, and similar things.

Ask most people if they'd like to have success, and the answer would be a resounding yes.

But there is a distinction you need to be aware of;

not everyone who says they want success really want it

I know, it sounds crazy doesn't it?

There are some people who say they'd like to have success, who unfortunately have a mental block which prevents them reaching out towards that life. They have 'sub-conscious beliefs' that get in the way.

You see, we think on different levels. On one level, it makes sense that we want success, and that we want to enjoy all the trappings of success. At a deeper level though, we hold sub-conscious beliefs that success just isn't possible for us. It's not something we do deliberately.

Quite often, it arises because we have an ingrained programming of what we should do in life, and how we should live life, and whatever we think on the surface our underlying sub-conscious beliefs keep us in our current position.


Tom is a prime example. Tom works as an office administrator for an office furniture company. The company is quite large, and operates throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East. Ask Tom if he wants to be successful, and he will say yes. However, when Tom finishes work in the evening he goes home to his wife and 15-month-old baby. He plays with baby for half an hour or so as his wife finishes cooking dinner. After dinner, its baby's bathtime which they share. And once the baby is in bed shortly afterwards, Tom and his wife put the television on and sit down and watch the latest episode of their favourite soap. A couple of hours later, and Tom's wife goes to bed. Leaving the television on as background noise, he turns on his PlayStation. He then sits and plays games until the early hours of the morning when he goes to bed himself. At 6.30 the following morning he gets up feeling a little groggy, helps with breakfast and getting baby washed and dressed before going off to work to repeat the whole process over again.

Ask Tom why he does it and he will tell you it's because that's what he has to do. He's married with a baby, and has responsibilities, and has to earn the money to pay the bills. It's a pattern of behaviour that Tom witnessed as a young boy growing up. It made sense to his rational mind. He now has this one way of seeing life. You get up, go to work, you come home, you have some time with the children, have some food, watch a little TV, and do the things you have to do, before repeating the process over again.

Tom's belief system currently has him trapped in his current lifestyle. He could break out of that lifestyle and move further towards success if he spent some time considering how he could improve the quantity and quality of his administration work so that he is employer valued him more. He could use the time he spent watching soaps on reading or attending a course. He could spend some time discovering those subjects and those activities that he really enjoys.

Any of those things could open the whole list of opportunities to move forward with his life.

Tom has an answer to that suggestion. His answer is also part of his belief system. He's heard those types of things before from his well-meaning in-laws, and from some of his managers at work.

Tom's answer is,

"Well you got to have a little relaxation! Life isn't meant to be work all the time you know!"

Here's the difficulty, it isn't Tom's situation which is holding him back. It is Tom's thinking, his view of the world, and his beliefs which are preventing him moving forward.

On the conscious level Tom wants to be successful. But subconsciously, Tom's thinking, Tom's view of the world, and Tom's beliefs are at odds with what he says he wants. There's a huge internal conflict in Tom's life and that in itself causes problems. Listen; Life will continue the same for Tom until something changes that subconscious activity, that subconscious thinking and that subconscious belief system.

Can someone from outside change Tom's sub-conscious beliefs? Well maybe, but I can't help wondering, "why would they?"

It leaves Tom waiting for a miracle.

And you..?

Okay you can read this article and think, "Well that's Tom. Life is different for me, for a start I'm a bit more intelligent than him." And believe me, plenty of people will do that. And yet, they too are waiting for a miracle.

Their life isn't changing. They are living the same life today that they'd lived yesterday. Life a year from now, five years from now, is unlikely to be much different.

There will not be any change for those people, until their thinking changes.

Once they've reached the stage where they can examine their sub-conscious beliefs, and importantly start to change them, they will be in with a much greater chance of changing their life to one of success.



Sub-conscious Beliefs

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