The Law of Purpose

In some circles the Law of Purpose may also be called the Law of Dharma.

Law of Purpose
Does the acorn have a purpose?
photo courtesy of Bludgeoner86 at Flickr
Let me try and help you understand the depth of this one. Look at the picture to the right. A bright, but simple picture of an acorn.

What is an acorn?


Have a little think about it before you answer!

What is an acorn?



  • If you answered that an acorn is the seed of an oak tree, you picked the most popular and most frequently returned answer.

  • If you answered that an acorn is a nut that squirrels collect, store and eat, well Yes! You're absolutely right on that one too!

  • If you said that an acorn is a seed that is stripped of it's hard husk to reveal a kernel, which is then dried, ground down and used to make a hot drink similar to coffee... Well, I'm glad to say that you too are correct, although I don't actually know more than a handful of people who might even answer that way, and only a couple who have tried it!

  • There are possible other answers too.

If you can accept all of those answers as being correct - which they are! Put yourself in this situation...

When you walk through your local park, or woodland, or countryside path and you happen to first of all see, and then pick up an acorn.

Ask yourself this:

What is the purpose of this acorn?

Is it the same answer to the first question? What is an acorn?

There are two parts that I'd like you to consider here:

  1. From the oak tree's perspective, the acorn is a part of the reproductive cycle. It is an essential element in the way that the oak tree reproduces itself as a species.

  2. From the perspective of the squirrel, the acorn is an environmental benefit which aids the squirrels survival, and ultimately, the squirrel species reproduction. (Arguably, the same applies to the human making acorn coffee!)

In the first case, the blueprint for a new oak tree is written into the acorn. The acorn is a potential oak tree, just waiting the right conditions to sprout and grow into a magnificent oak tree. The intention to be an oak tree, the ability to be an oak tree is a part of the acorn.

In the second case, the acorn blueprint for the survival of a squirrel (or a human) either as an individual or a species is a product of the environment and circumstance.

In short, the acorn has more than one potential purpose. Some of the purpose is an inherent part of the acorn itself, and some of it is a product of the environment and the circumstance.

The Law of Purpose

The Law of Purpose says that everything, (including you) exists to fulfil a purpose.

Discovering your purpose will help in finding your direction in life and in making progress to achieving your purpose.

Not everyone discovers their purpose in life.

But you will fulfil your purpose anyway. Whatever it may be.

Oh! And that acorn?

You know the one that you saw and picked up?

Right then... right when you held it in your hands...

You held it's purpose in your hands too!



Law of Purpose

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