Law of Feeling

The Law of Feeling is not as well known as most of the commonly touted laws of success. The reason why is that our lives can get complicated at times.

This particular law is one of the foundational laws that act as the solid base on which other laws work. It's a bit like a house, we see the walls but not the foundations. And yet, without the foundations the walls wouldn't stand.

The Law of Feeling seldom acts in isolation.

That means that often, when we look back on our experiences we don't actually see that the law of feeling was at work because it is hidden by other laws and principles.

Before I tell you the Law of Feeling, there's a very significant part of it which you need to be aware of:

It always acts in a time bubble.

This is what I mean when I say it acts in a time bubble.

During a certain time period, which has a beginning and an end, thoughts, circumstances and events come together. As a result of that coming together, we make a decision to move, or to do something, or maybe even to do nothing.

But the decision that we make is based on that coming together at that particular time of those thoughts, circumstances and events.

Here's an example.

Have you ever been in that situation where you still have a bit of money left over after your pay has come in and your bills have been paid? ...And then you see one of those on-line offers?

It's offering something that you think would be really good for you. Maybe it's something that would help you in your business. Maybe it's a personal treat.

Whatever it is, it's something that you find yourself liking.

You're thinking that it would be good.. and well, yes.. you can afford it.. but...

But you're still not quite sure whether you should get it.

  • Suppose it doesn't turn out to be as good as you thought?
  • Suppose your wife/husband/partner finds out and says, "Why on Earth would you want that?"
  • Suppose you buy it and discover that it's just like something that you've already got?

Then, at the bottom of the offer there is the time restraint.

Something like:

  • I can only hold it at this price for the first 50 people to order.
  • This offer will close on Sunday at 12.00p.m. midnight.
  • During this launch phase, I am making this product available to my customers at 50% off but I will increase the price when I throw the doors open to the public.

You know the sort of thing?

You find yourself in the position of facing a decision.

That decision will be based on your thoughts at the time, the circumstances you find yourself in and the events that you are experiencing.

Importantly, those thoughts, circumstances and events are fleeting. Life will not always present you with that same combination.

Have you ever made a purchase in those circumstances?

So remember, the Law of Feeling operates in a thought, circumstance and event time bubble, and it seldom acts alone.

Here's the law:

We always act in a way that will move us toward feeling good based on the prevailing but time-bound thoughts, circumstances and events at that time.

It's important for you to realise that your thoughts, your circumstances and the events occurring at the time are purely seen from your perspective.

It is important to see your perspective as only your perspective. A perspective is only a viewpoint. It is not truth. It is not fact. It is one perspective of many possible perspectives.

It is important for me to re-iterate that this law seldom acts alone. I shall write more on that one another time.



Law of Feeling

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