The Law of Destination.
Success won't happen without it.

The Law of Destination is one of the success laws which seems so blindingly obvious that few people give any real thought to it.

It means that frequently it is forgotten, overlooked or worse still ignored as being too insignificant. Yet without it, success just won't happen - the best you can hope for is a fortunate accident.

Here's the start point:

If you have a destination you have somewhere to go.
If you don't have a destination you either have nowhere to go, OR,
you could drift anywhere.

If it helps, think of yourself in say, Wichita, Kansas. If you have no destination, then you'll stay in Wichita, Kansas. You’ll make no journey. Though it’s possible that you could just wander off to, well, anywhere.

However, the moment you have a clear destination, then you’ll have both somewhere to go and a direction to head. If you want to go to New York, you'll head east, if you want to go to San Francisco then you'll head west. A destination of Winnipeg, Canada sees you heading north, whilst say Austin Texas sees you heading south.

A destination gives you a recognisable end point to your journey and it gives you a direction of travel - somewhere to aim your travel efforts.

Now, with that in mind, here's the Law of Destination, in all it's simplicity, and please, please think it through:

Life is a mandatory journey lasting from birth to death. Having a destination is a personal choice. With a destination you decide where you wish life's journey to take you. Without a destination you stay where you are, experiencing only those things that come your way.



Law of Destination

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