The Law of Correspondence
The Law of Projection

The Law of Correspondence (also known as the Law of Projection), is probably the foundational law that causes the most difficulty for people.

Before I give you that law, I want to give you something to think about.

When you see something in the world outside - it could be anything, a tree, a dog, flower, a yacht - light is reflected off that object. The light travels to you, and enters your eye where it falls on light sensitive cells at the back of your eyeball, known as the retina.

That light is converted to a small electrical signal which is passed to the brain via optical nerves. Once that electrical signal reaches the brain, the signal's pattern is compared to previous signal patterns. The object can then be re-cognized.

Now, just wonder at how many times a minute that is occurring!

Wonder at the fact that the recognition process not only identifies objects but different variations of objects. Wonder at the fact that the recognition process also identifies the activity of the object. Now wonder at the fact that you are doing this with several objects simultaneously. And finally, wonder at the fact that as well as processing electrical signals from your eyes, you are also processing electrical signals from your ears, your nose, your taste buds and from highly sensitive contact (or touch) detectors all over skin.

What a magnificently designed piece of equipment you are!

It's amazing isn't it?

All that stuff that you experience from the outside world comes down to the way that your brain interprets minute electrical signals.

In other words, the reality you experience depends on nothing more than the way electrical impulses, energy if you like, move across the cells of your brain.

Time to move on.

Law of Correspondence

This law says that what you experience in the outside world, is a projection which corresponds to what is going on in your mind.

In other words, what you experience in the world is determined by your dominant thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

If you want to change what you're currently experiencing in your life, start by changing your thoughts, beliefs and feelings.



Law of Correspondence

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