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A few weeks ago I finished reviewing Dr Mani's new book "Copywriting Tips to Make You Very Rich!"

It's an excellent little book with really good, sound advice and teaching for anyone who wants to sell on the web.

What's really crazy is that Dr Mani has put this little gem on offer at a ridiculously low price of just $7!

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I was expecting something in the $37 - $47 range! And then he's thrown in bonuses on top. The offer is limited to the first fifty orders so if you want in, go quickly to the Warrior Special Offer.

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My original review of "Copywriting Tips to Make You Very Rich!" is below, just be aware that the offer could be gone by the time you've finished reading it!



"Copywriting Tips to Make You Very Rich!" is an excellent little book, and there are two important thoughts that sprang to mind as I was reading it.

The first was the truthfulness of the first sentence once you get into the meat of the book. It says this: "this is a different copywriting guide to any you've read before."

The second was the old adage "give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him all his life."

Copywriting is both a science and an art form.

As a science, copywriting can be explored from the point of view of the structure of good copywriting, its component elements and the way it is assembled.

As an art form, copywriting is the persuasive expression of new ideas or actions which will help the reader.

There is some explanation of both the science and the art of copywriting in this book. What separates this book from others is a higher concentration on the artistic element. Most copywriting books will give a formulaic approach which includes the elements that you must insert within your sales page, or your e-mail, but give little in the way of developing persuasive expression.

This book is different.

This book will tell you the steps and the processes to go through to help you understand your intended readers' mindset as they read your copy.

If you understand that mindset, you have a hugely increased chance of connecting with them in a way that will make them want to follow your advice.

Like any art form, you become good at it by practicing.

In the days of the old masters like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, artists would spend many years daily practicing the basics of drawing circles, squares, triangles, cylinders and other basic forms. If a wannabe artist wanted to get anywhere in the world of art he would first have to practice those basic forms.

Dr Mani understands this. In the art of copywriting the basic forms involve understanding the mindset of the intended reader. You don't have to be a psychology professor to do this. There are basic steps that you can take (whatever your market) that will help you understand your reader's mindset. Practice doing that and you become a good copywriter.

There is more than that though. We each have basic psychological ways of looking at life. They are so basic, that in nearly all humans there are certain approaches that are almost universal. Most of us see these things as so basic that we gloss over them.

Dr Mani shines a torch beam on them in the many tips included in this book. Now, I've got to warn you. Some people will see these tips as being so basic as to not being worthy of mention. But let me tell you, if you miss the importance of these little gems, you may as well spend your time playing a penny whistle. You won't get anywhere as a copywriter!

I suppose the big question is whether Dr Mani's book does what it says on the tin. It's called, "Copywriting Tips to Make You Very Rich!"

Let me put it to you this way, if you have the canvas, the paint and the brushes, and if you have teaching from a master, could you become a great painter? The answer has to be yes!

Similarly, if you have a copy of "Copywriting Tips to Make You Very Rich!" and a willingness to practice your art, then yes, you can become very rich indeed.

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