From the Jackrabbit Factor...
... to Brett Harwood
the Authentic Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you my Brett Harwood story.

Every now and again one of those special situations arise when you take a leap forward in life. For me, one of those situations arose when I heard about Brett Harwood.

It came in a convoluted way over some months. First I'd been to Leslie Householder's site at the JackRabbit Factor. After following Leslie for some time, I followed up on one of her recommendations on financial management with best-selling author Garrett B Gunderson. Garrett's book "Killing Sacred Cows" is really good!

But do you ever hit one of those times when you're just getting too many emails?

Well, I did that.

My solution was to start to unsubscribe from some of those emails that I thought I didn't need. When it came to Garrett's list though. YUP! I clicked the unsubscribe button in his latest email. I got taken to a web page where I was asked whether to unsubscribe just from that email list or to never hear from Garrett again.

My finger hovered.

I wobbled.

... and...

... I closed the browser window. I stayed on Garrett's list.

A short while later. I received one of Garrett's emails telling me about an offer of free entrepreneur training resources.

Well, *Free* always makes my eyes spin, even if only a little.

So I clicked the link...

I ended up at the It is a revolution site. There was a crazy man on a video. He was also called Garrett - Garrett J White.

He was introducing this guy, Brett Harwood.

Now, at nineteen and a half minutes this isn't the shortest video out there.

But Brett Harwood's video could be one of the most important videos that you'll watch this year, and maybe in your life!


Not only that but if you hurry, you'll also get access to a huge amount of free information to help you!


...the offer was good, and I wrote to Brett to say thank-you. (I can't help it, I was brought up to have good manners!)

Following on from that, Brett gave me some very specific helpful, business advice.

Like no-one had ever given before.

It's advice that is already changing the way I run business and is already affecting results.

So listen, this is free advice, for which I do not get paid (in case you're wondering) but could be of enormous help to you.

Hop over to It is a revolution and watch the video.



Brett Harwood the Authentic Entrepreneur!

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